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  1. Update on my review for wedding video: So we were given the option to just have the video of the whole ceremony, or they would do a sortof montage, with all the best parts of the day. We went for the montage and it was sooooo good! They captured all the key moments, and used really beautiful music. It was worth it!
  2. Hello there! I just had my wedding there in January and it was fabulous! For those of you asking about the Victor's.......yes there are 2 Victors, when I was there I met with Victor #1 and he introduced me to Victor #2 and Victor #2 took over for the rest of the planning. They didn't say that Victor1 was being replaced by Victor2, but I could see that being true since Victor2 took over on my wedding day. He is a sweet guy!
  3. I think you are right in thinking Moon Palace would be better. The reason I didn't go with Azul Five is because a) the rooms seem very far from the beach(so no beach views) and when travelling from Canada you cannot get any deals or complimentary wedding packages. My only concern with Moon Palace was airplane noise but if you read through Tripadvisor there are barely any complaints of that.
  4. oooh Azul5 and Moon Palace are great choices! I almost went with Moon Palace but then felt it was too close to the airport........ I think it really depends on the travel agent, some will charge a fee to co-ordinate all the guests and yes there are some cases where you could be on the hook for guests that bail. Normally you will have a contract with the agent that outlines these things. I don't think they actually up the price of the package, they are really adding on a consulting fee. All travel agents can get you the same prices you see online. I would still go with a travel agent
  5. Hi There and Congrats! I'm guessing because of the trip central reference you are Canadian? (so am I). Because of the CDN dollar the AI packages have definitely gone up and I don't think will come back down anytime soon. Curious, which resorts did they quote you for? Do you have an idea of how many people you want to invite? I think that would determine if you want to use outside wedding help......and I would definitely use a travel agent if you are bringing more than a few people. I've done quite a bit of research on AI resorts for weddings, so let me know if you have any questi
  6. Question for previous brides who had thier had done at the resort by the resort salon.......... What time should I book my hair appointment for? The ceremony is at 3 and I will be doing my makeup after my hair.
  7. @@phoenixbride we are getting married at Finest playa mujeres in Playa Mujeres. We don't really have a budget, we just narrowed it down to a handful or resorts and then started checking prices.....I guess we tried to keep it under the $10,000 range for everything (flights, rooms, ceremony, etc). The resort we picked offers the base wedding package for free if you book a certain room category(which we did), so that was one of the deciding factors.....most of the time you have to have a certain amount of rooms booked to get any wedding pkgs for free at most resorts.
  8. Hi! Isn't it super annoying that your 1st 3 responses are from wedding vendors and not real DW brides? That drives me nuts!! They should really have some rules around that.........anyways....... I am doing just bride and groom (and daughter) as the resort we ended up picking was too expensive for any of the people we would've invited. We are also having a reception at home when we get back, I think that will satisfy everyone. Let me know if you have any questions about how we are doing it
  9. Hi @@Clarianne !!!! This is unrelated question but I also creeped your instagram and was wondering if you and your friends blew your floaties up manually(by mouth) or with a machine???!!!!! We have the poptart floaty that we are bringing to Finest and our portable air machine thing is way to big and heavy to put in our luggage......need to find a compact air compressor that plugs into the wall
  10. Hi! Congrats on your engagement! My advice, you can really make this wedding fit any budget, it would be best to make a list of things you are looking for, (ie: kid friendly, distance, modern rooms vs. beachy, etc). Even just having a couple things on your "must have" list (either than price). Will help you narrow down costs. Also note, that when you are interacting with other brides on this board, if they are from the United States they do not typically have the same type of vacation packages that we do in Canada, specifically for all inclusives...so talking pricing may be difficu
  11. Hi Everyone! January 2017 bride here! Wedding will be at Finest Playa Mujeres , so excited!
  12. HI! I've been creeping this thread for a while and thought I would say hi! I'm getting married at Finest Jan 2017! For those of you getting married soon, if you get a chance can you post some pics of the new wedding area that is being built?!? thx!!!
  13. Amazing! That helps a lot! I am considering either Sensatori or Fives! And thanks for the tip on GIVC
  14. Hello Can anyone provide the prices for brides hair and makeup? Trying to price out our wedding and get a resort picked! Thanks! Heather
  15. This is a review of:

    Seasons Photo Studio

    Beautiful Photos

    We were married at Finest Playa Mujeres January 26 2017 and hired Seasons Photo Studio to complete our photography and video. Juan Carlos was our photographer for the day and he was perfect! He really took control of the day and as we didn't really have any specific shots we wanted, he had great ideas for really nice shots. The photos turned out beautiful and artistic. He was very easy to work with and you could tell he really truly cared about capturing the day properly. We have not received th
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