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  1. @@slrivas18


    For decorations I hired an external vendor for decorations and tried to sneak it in, but got caught. That wasn't a good start to my wedding day when they walked in with screen shots from Facebook, but I guess I knew it was a possibility I would get caught. I also used an outside vendor for my flowers and they only charged my an extra $500 to set it up and outside vendor fee. In hindsight I would have done the same again cause my flowers were a lot cheaper and so were the decorations even with the extra $500. I did use their DJ and he was great. I sent them a list of songs for dinner and then dancing and it was perfect. We had a lot of local Texas songs on the list and they had them all the night of the wedding. I didn't realize when I ordered it, but the DJ package came with balloons and glow sticks which was a lot of fun. I did a sit down three course meal and it was excellent. We had the reception I think at Tuacanas pavilion and they cooked the steak and tuna right there in front of everyone and it all tasted excellent. I also got my hair done at the salon there and I thought it turned out good. I was too scared to hire the makeup though. I think the only other vendor we used was we had Mariachis at the reception.

  2. @@slrivas18




    I got married last year on the pier as well and loved it. The only downside was that they were not able to take down the shades on the side of the pier. I have attached some pictures of from the ceremony. I am not a huge sand person so I didn't like the idea of standing in it the whole ceremony. The pier is big enough to have your wedding at the end and then the cocktail hour at the other end, but still close enough to the beach to go take pictures. I am not much help on the photographer. I brought mine from home and felt it was completely worth it. The pictures are the longest lasting thing from the wedding!


    Good Luck Planning!

    wedding Pic

    dark wedding Pic

    dark wedding Pic

    wedding Pic 2

  3. @@jhercule Congratulations on your wedding! It is relieving to hear that everything went great! I am also renting stuff from Katy, I think by your suggestion, and yes she has been awesome to work with. I have a couple of questions for you!


    1. How much did they charge for total setup? I went for a site visit and was told it was going to be $50 per string of lights to set up, since it was so much I only rented 5 strands from Katy. But if it's going to be less I would love to have more lights.


    2. How much were your flowers? I reached out to Martin who Katy had suggested and he quoted me about $130-$190 for my bouquet, which was high but only $25 for my center pieces. So just wanted to see if that was reasonable!


    I can't wait to check out your pics!! Congrats once again :)

  4. Hi Ladies,


    I just got back from a friends wedding at another resort in Playa del Carmen, but made a stop at EDR to have a tour. It is a gorgeous property and I am super excited for my wedding to be here. With the advice of another lady in the discussion I am going to go with Love and Lace wedding décor since it is so much cheaper, but wanted to see if any other ladies used an outside florist. I was wondering if I could go into town and pick up the flowers on my own and bring them back to the resort or even have them delivered. I have asked my wedding coordinator, but we all know that I might not have an answer for a while. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.



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  5. Hi Ladies!!


    Has anyone had trouble communicating with their wedding coordinator in the past month or so? My wedding isn't until October, but I will be in the Riviera Maya in May and was supposed to set up a site visit, but Carolina has been MIA. I have sent her three emails, and then called the number on her signature box, but no luck. Is anyone else having problems getting a hold of them? Also, does anyone have a direct number to their office?




  6. @@jhercule I checked out her site and she has so much more to offer than the hotel!! I am super excited :)


    Since I am now much more excited for decorations now than I was before since i have a good selection to choose from I have been looking at pictures on pinterest and online. Does anyone know if you can use long tables instead of the round ones? I have seen pictures with wooden tables then a fabric runner was used instead of a table cloth and I love that look, but I don't know if that is even something the hotel will offer.

  7. @@jhercule sorry, it wasn't your link it was my work blocking, but it just said the page couldn't be loaded instead of the FORBIDDEN screen :)


    I checked her out and OMG so in loveeeee!! It's like everything I ever dreamed but didn't think I was gonna be able to have!! I sent her an email to get some pricing information and stuff.


    Are you worried you are going to get caught??

  8. I looked online at the BHLDN dresses and they are super pretty! I am going to find a place around here that sells them. 


    @@jhercule The link for love and lace wedding decor didn't work but I will google :) Did you have to pay the outside vendor fee to use her? Once you made decisions with her did she do everything at the resort as far as put up and tear down? I talked to my Fiance last night and he did not feel strongly about taking our own! :(


    @@HilaryRobin I have Carolina as my coordinator as well. She is super nice, but I have had trouble with getting her to respond on somethings. I had to email her a couple times on the same topic and put my emails in list format so she could answer them easier. I am going in May for another wedding in Playa so we are going to make a trip to EDR to hopefully nail down some details and get a feel of the place.


    @@LoLoJabs did you use the destinationwedding.com for your travel and thats why you got those specials? I have a travel agent and I have heard about getting 1 room free for every 10 that are paid, but I have not heard anything about free hair and makeup or discounts on the wedding. I am wondering if my travel agent can request that. Also, glad to hear that Cocotal for your free reception was good! Now that I know that we can get a free reception I am thinking of using that as the welcome party and paying for the one before the reception since with the 20% off its only going to be about $800.


    I feel so much better now that I have yall to bounce ideas off of and get information from!


  9. Thanks @@LoLoJabs @@jcook123 and @@Tagliatti01!!


    I feel more comfortable going with something more non-traditional but that I fee gorg in!


    I also feel better about not having anything nailed down! I do have my ceremony location (gazebo 55) and reception (Tuacana bar) which I hope I won't be over the limit of 70! I think with yalls suggestions I might do a balance between taking some stuff and getting some stuff from them. Do they charge a set up fee for the decorations you bring?


    @@Tagliatti01 your pictures are gorgeous!! Your dress isn't super beachy but the halter does make it feel more summery! I love the decorations too, the bold color stands out! I never thought of silk flowers I might have to look into that!!


    Glad yalls weddings were awesome I have heard a lot of good things about the resort but still nerve wrecking when you aren't there to see everything!


    I will let y'all know how my visit in May goes! Hopefully I will have a dress by then and feel more comfortable! That part is driving me crazy!! :)

  10. Hello my fellow brides!!


    I am getting married in October 2016 and I felt pretty good about my plans until I realized I am only 235 days out and basically just have the deposit on my day.


    Not related to EDR, but to any past brides how did you pick your wedding dress?? I have looked and looked but I am afraid to get something thats too big or too hot! I just ordered a crop top prom dress in white, but debating if I am going to regret not going with the "traditional" gown.


    Related to EDR :) How far out did everyone start planning their details at the resort? I have looked online and have a general idea of what I am going for, but haven't tried to make any decisions with my wedding coordinator due to the communication being so far in between.


    Does anyone have any advice on using their decorations vs taking your own?

    I have seen some brides talk about a free cocktail hour. Where did yall see this? I think that would good to use as a welcome reception.


    Any other planning advice would be greatly appreciated :)



  11. Hello Fellow Brides!!


    I have just paid my deposit for my wedding in October 2016 and I am already stressing. I have a quetsions about photographer. Do you know if I bring someone from home and they stay at the resort if I have to pay the $800 vendor fee? I have reached out to my wedding coordinator, but as many as you know it looks like everyone has communication issues. I wanted to book a photographer asap for Engagement and Wedding pictures, but don't want to be in a bind if the hotel makes me pay another $800.


    Thanks in Advanced!!


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