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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has gotten married at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta or have attended a wedding there? Puerto Vallarta wasn't originally in my scope of plans but I do have family members who travel with Hilton often and have some perks that can help us with our stay I don't see much on their website but wanted to get an idea if anyone knows! Thanks!
  2. Love my Fiance and ring Being engaged is such a great feeling!
  3. Hi @@dreamweddings, I really appreciate you starting this threat! I just wrote a new forum about this. I am newly engaged and actively looking for an all inclusive resort for about 35-50 guests. We would like to get married in either May or August 2016 (not very much time!). I thought wedding packages included everything but I am slowly beginning to realize that there are really important items missing from some of these packages such as - DJ, Reception, Photography, Videography. I am slowly beginning to worry that my tight budget (of $10K) may not be very realistic. Could you ple
  4. Thanks! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a travel agent? I have been working with a local one but I am getting the feeling they are not very experienced in DW.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am a newbie and I am completely overwhelmed during my search for a resort. I do not know where to begin! Right now I am looking at getting married either in May or August 2016 with approximately 35-50 guests. I am looking at places in Mexico (still trying to decide where). While looking at wedding packages online, I wanted to know what are some additional costs that you can expect? I always thought that packages included everything you need (I REALLY WISH!) but I am slowly beginning to notice that some really important items are missing from packages such as photog
  6. Thank you everyone for the wonderful advice. I think the hardest part is trying to figure out how and where to start my destination wedding planning There seems to be a lot of useful information on here!
  7. Hi All, Last Saturday, I was engaged to the man of my dreams and I couldn't be any happier. Out situation is tough because we have a large family, not much money to spend, and we are in a long distance relationship so we opted for a Destination wedding. I do not really know where to begin and have been trying to do some research on my own. Here are some details: - We want to get married end of July/ August 2016 (tight deadline). - We are thinking of having about 40 - 50 guests. - We really want an all inclusive resort. - We are thinking Mexico but are open to ideas Is a $7K b
  8. I just got engaged and I have no idea where to begin. I am open to all places, not just Mexico. However I'm under a pretty tight budget under $10k. Ideally $7k. Is it doable? For an all inclusive ?
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