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  1. Hi Des, yes please allow yourself plenty of time. There was only 4 of us for our wedding so no, didn't use the DJ and we used the photographer as part of our package. We had photos taken around the main ground and we purchased some extra photos but they aren't cheap. We also had the one hour cocktail which will be good if you have 18 guests and then I had my reception that the French restaurant as we had a storm on our wedding day so the actual wedding had to be moved from the pier to an area by the main reception. To be honest, it was still an amazing day. Don't worry about asking, I know exactly how you feel as I was the same. We are returning back next year but not until October.
  2. I had my hair and make up done by them and I was very pleased with it. I asked for minimalistic make up and I wasn't disappointed. I had a hair trial before (I think it was around $70 which was added to my room), they can create any design and all the other brides I saw looked equally beautiful. Just allow enough time as they don't rush and I didn't leave myself much time to get ready.
  3. I had my hair and make up done by them and I was very pleased with it. I asked for minimalistic make up and I wasn't disappointed. I had a hair trial before (I think it was around $70 which was added to my room), they can create any design and all the other brides I saw looked equally beautiful. Just allow enough time as they don't rush and I didn't leave myself much time to get ready.
  4. @@roamfree Congratulations and you definitely won't be disappointed. Itt doesn't matter which location you choose from to get married at (Pier, Gazebo, Beach) , it's the actual wedding packages that denote the price. It will be here before you know it. Just beware the WP take a little longer to respond but they will get back to you.
  5. @kjb0528@vanessajfelice ladies from memory there is very little lighting if any at Las Olas. I was quoted $50 to hang any lights etc so bear this in mind. Also there are no restrooms at the beach. Your guests will need to go either to the Grill or the other restrooms are near the notice board which is by Kafe Kafe bar. It's not too far but something to bear in mind. I'm actually glad I moved mine from Las Olas, it is very private if that's what you want. It can be a little bit windy as it has no sides to shield any weather. I'll try and see if I have any pics from Las Olas from my stay. I know other Brides had their reception at Las Olas and had an amazing time so they may be in a better position to offer you more information. There was only 4 of us so it made sense to move it to a restaurant (other than the weather). Good luck ladies, you will have the most magical day - regardless of where you choose to celebrate. Pic of Las Olas
  6. Well I've just arrived back from the Excellence Riviera Cancun and all I can say is it's simply amazing. Alejandra has been my WP since I booked my wedding last October and she emailed me upon arrival to meet with her the next morning the discuss our wedding day (and also meet the Doctor for the blood tests). This is all conducted in a private room next to the lobby. Once we had discussed the plans, decoration details and have the blood tests then we went to visit the area the wedding was taking place. My wedding was supposed to have taken place on the Pier but due to the weather (Storm Earl) my wedding and reception had to be moved to another area in the hotel. Brides, please take the weather into consideration as it can affect the day (but only if you let it, it's something that is beyond everyone's control). But seriously please rest assured the WP do everything they can to make your day just as rememorable. PLEASE also remember it's not the WP fault if the weather doesn't play nice on the day. My actual wedding took place on a verander next to the lobby (it's a private area) and the background overlooks the sea. It's partly outside and inside so the speaker can still be set up for the music. It was absolutely beautiful and if I'm honest it was better than the Pier as you have to walk across the sand to get to the Pier. It's not boarded flooring. The boarded floor stops at Las Olas and then it's onto the beach/sand to get to the Pier. Brides who got married on the Pier either went bare footed, in beach sandals or removed their shoes to walk across and then put them back on when reached the Pier. Once we had our ceremony then we had our pictures taken. We had the Love Package (which includes 24 edited pics on a CD). One thing to bear in mind is that the 24 inclusive pics are only of the ceremony. We had pics taken in various other places and these can be purchased at an additional cost of $20 each. These aren't prints, they are added to the CD. The photographer offers you other packages but I found these a little expensive after already paying the wedding cost. We originally had Las Olas for our cocktail hour and reception but again due to the weather it was changed. We had the cocktail hour back in the area we had our wedding ceremony and we had our reception in Chez Isabelle (French restaurant) but they served us our chosen wedding meal. The way Alejandra decorated my table (I took all my own accessories) was better than I anticipated (we only had one table as there was only 4 of us). It truly was an amazing day. With having to change the venues meant that I was greeted, cheered and congratulated by so many guests at the hotel who I had to pass to get to my Husband To Be and this made me smile with pride. I felt on top of the world. We had the wedding at 3pm. If you feel that your WP takes a little longer to respond, all I can say is just be a little patient. Everything will come together and all your stresses will be forgotten. I couldn't have asked for a better day. The spa is closed for the month of August 2016 so I had my hair and make up done in my room and this made it less stressful as well and I didn't have to walk around in a vey humid resort (even with the storm it was still extremely humid). If you have any further questions other than what I have tried to include in a very honest review, then please feel free to ask me. I will do my best to help you. The staff at the hotel are in a league of their own. Polite, helpful and most of all serve you with a big beaming smile. Best of luck to all the Brides To Be and have the time of your life. I know I did. Here's a selection of our day xxx
  7. @@victoriasalv 5 mins before haha. Well you look absolutely gorgeous and from what you've told me, I know they will do a great job. Well I've just packed the last of my things in to my Bridal Box to carry my Wedding dress and accessories as my hand luggage. I had special boxes made for me and my Mom (to carry her beautiful dress and fascinator). Here's what our travel boxes look like.
  8. Well 2 weeks tomorrow will be my big day, eeeeekkkkk how did it come around so quickly?? I will be arriving in resort 1 week today and we've upgraded to Club at the hotel so even more excited now. Alejandra is my co-ordinator too and can't wait to finally meet her. @@victoriasalv Can't wait to see your pics Did you have a hair and make up trial before your day? I've saved some pics on my iPad of how I'd like my hair so finger's crossed. Yes, we have chosen 3 songs how Victoria mentioned. We haven't told my Mom and Step-Dad what we have chosen and I know my Mom will cry. It's all starting to become very real now and here's hoping the weather is kind
  9. Well Brides to Be, I'm now down to 3 weeks tomorrow when it will be my Big Day. Not sure where the time has gone but certainly got loads of butterflies. We are having the Love Package even though there will be only 4 of us from the UK. Can't wait
  10. @@Tighev It took approx 2 weeks for my final decisions to be confirmed from when I submitted it which was the middle of May. You will receive a document back from your WP to read through and confirm. This also includes all final prices for any upgrades/extra's for you to confirm. You sign it and send it back. I've not had any problem with mine, the menu I selected was all agreed but if I'm honest, I will follow back up with your WP to confirm before having menu cards printed. Just incase. My wedding is the week after yours and mine has all be sorted so follow up to get your final decision document back asap.
  11. @@kathryn78 Gorgeous pictures, did you have the photographer as part of your wedding package or an external vendor?
  12. @@KeriT21 No I'm not worried about it and TBH it's only a major concern to ladies either looking to start a family quite soon or if you are already pregnant. As this is now in alot of countries and quite often there are no symptons, I'm not going to worry or stress about something I can't control or prevent. Maybe get them to read up on the web http://www.cdc.gov/zika/about/index.htmlif they haven't already done so.
  13. One question I have for anyone who has already married, for the blood tests do they take blood or is it a thumb prick? Just curious as I have a H2B terrified of needles....
  14. @@Tighev You're welcome. I can become quite frustrating when your only communication route is via email. I just emailed a list of questions/concerns (I think I had 10 questions) and Alejandra my WP provided me with as much information as possible. If I can help any further then just post and I'll respond if I know. Everything is creeping up so fast.
  15. @@Tighev I understood that if its anything that needs to be hung up from theceiling beams then yes, they are charging 50usd for maintenance to sort this out. I've described the table decorations I'm bringing in an email and this will all be sorted by the WP. I didn't get into any further discussion as the buntings I have arent ones that need to be hung from the ceiling beams so I'll discuss this when I get there. How the decorations are to be arranged is discussed when you arrive. I put my final decision in almost 2 weeks ago of which my WP has acknowledged and I'm now just waiting for final cost confirmation. I would just email again like I do asking for a response and update I sent an email of all questions I had and I received a response back quite quickly. @@Tighev below is a copy of my question and the response I received. 3. I will bring various table decorations and bunting to be hung up, is this ok? The table tea lights will be battery operated (I will bring the required number of batteries), we can discuss when I arrive how I would like the table decorated Response from WP This is great! You can give me the decorations at our meeting. For the bunting there is a fee to hung it up as this will require maintenance assistance. The fee is 50usd..
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