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  1. You ladies mentioned the MC. Does the resort provide an MC for the wedding? If so, were you happy with the way it turned out and how much did it cost you? I was thinking of having the best man as the MC - he's got a great sense of humor and he loves coordinating and being in the center of attention Wondering what your thoughts are.
  2. I will have a catholic ceremony but I doubt they will do a rehearsal. Adriana mentioned being able to send me the script/readings that the priest will say, but I believe that's about it. Let me know if you have any more luck and also if you hear back on the 1 hour extension.
  3. @@yycbride2016 I met Aranza when I visited the resort in December - got to chat with her a bit - seemed very nice, down to earth - hopefully she will make your day one to remember @@AlexC That's crazy! We were going to go with the 25th but I believe the Palapa wasn't available on the Wednesday. So how's planning coming along? Have your guests already booked their flight tickets or not yet?
  4. @@nkavanaugh Not a problem! Yes, my understanding is that the Catholic Ceremony is recognized once you return to Canada (assuming you've done the Catholic courses and have the certificate). My wedding day is May 24th
  5. @@nkavanaugh the Catholic ceremony is not considered legal unless you ask for both a Catholic and a legal ceremony (and you pay extra). We've had our legal ceremony in Canada a few months ago and invited our parents and wedding party only. So it's up to you... You can do it at home or set something up in Mexico. If you do decide to do in Mexico I believe you'll need to bring all the paperwork with you and get the bloodwork done as well. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello ladies, So as some of you know my wedding is in may and I've visited the resort in December to get a better sense of pretty much everything. To answer the question about the Catholic ceremony, I've asked Adriana for a script and if I receive it, I will share with you. I wasn't aware of a rehearsal, so I doubt they have one, but I'd be interested to know. Also, you'll have to do the Catholic course and brijf your certificate with you in order for the Grand Sirenis priest to perform the ceremony. That's pretty much all I know Hope it helps.
  7. I haven't looked at them yet...I'm trying to get the invites out first, and the catalogs will be step #2 Feel free to list your choices as you pick them. I'll do the same myself. By the way, one of the travel agents said that the price guarantee option (i.e., if prices drop they'll match it) does not work well for groups because in order to reprice they would have to "re-purchase" the tickets for the entire group. Has anyone heard about that, and have you ladies had this feature on the tickets?
  8. Ladies, I'd like to share the good news with all of you! We have our date set to May 24th, 2016!!!!!!!! @@Kirsty89 I can share with you the catalogs that I've received 2 weeks ago - I'm quite sure they would be the same for you See attached! Enjoy! P.S. The flowers catalog is way too large so I'll try to send it to you by private msg. Never mind...it looks like I can't do that either...let me now if you need it and I can e-mail it to you. 04 Restaurant's Catalogue.pdf 05 Cake's Catalogue.pdf 06 Peinados - Hairdos.docx 07 Playlist.docx 08 Private Events Menu.pdf 09 BBQ
  9. Absolutely! Email back and make sure you attach or reference your prior conversations. Hope all works out. Let us know what happens.
  10. @@JoannaBanana I'm from Toronto, so it may work well. Maybe you could send me a private message with her contact (if possible)? Ladies, has any of you contacted a photographer to decide the time of the ceremony? I'd like to take photos right after the symbolic ceremony but I'm not sure how long before the sunset. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the responses girls (ladies! ) I had a feeling that was why she never respnded to the lights e-mail until now oh well....the regular lights looked pretty good anyway. Thanks for the photos @@calgarybride2015!!! Both beaches are nice..but say I decide to go with the public beach instead...how far is it from the chapel? (walking distance? how long would it take us to get there) By the way...did any of you find prices that were somewhat reasonable for your guests? With the CAD being so low comapred to the USD, i find the vacation prices for next year to be quite up there.
  12. @@JoannaBanana, do you remember whether the Chapel is within walking distance from the Beach ceremony place? I'm thinking of having the religious ceremony right before the beach symbolic wedding where we'll exchange our vows, etc. My family is very adamant that we include the religious ceremony and I'm trying to make it work. The plan is to have everyone walk to the beach right after the religious ceremony. Has anyone had a similar experience or read something similar? Is the beach that's closer to the chapel the same beach as in the attached photo? Also, who officiated the sy
  13. I have all sorts of questions running though my mind...I'm now thinking about the music, lighting and dance floor: - For those of you who had the wedding in the Palapa, did you feel the need to add a dance floor? If so, how big? - I've read that some brides were lucky enough to have the Palapa light up in various colors as the Hotel was testing out some lighting companies - did any of you purchase lighting leds, lamps, etc? - in terms of music, I've heard mixed reviews re: the hotel DJ. @@calgarybride2015 - how did the DJ handle your wedding? did he follows your requests? I wonder if he/sh
  14. Thanks again! So helpful! Hahaaaa....the couch is pretty comfy for me too during my intensive research
  15. I'm thinking of the chair ribbons - I'd like to get colorful ones and I was wondering ...have you ladies used the same ribbons from the Ceremony for the Reception, or did you have to pay again to be able to use them in the Reception?
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