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  1. I plan on bringing my decor and bouquets with me. I don't have a lot, but what I do have is seems big - 5 ikea lanterns, 4 flower wreathes, cloth napkins, 7 candles, 3 bouquets and welcome bags for guest. This is what I have planned so far. I opted to pay for table cloths since I didn't know what size the tables were. I hope it all fits in my luggage and one extra, *fingers crossed*
  2. @@AshleyNYC323 Hey AshleyNYC323! You're probably really busy with the holidays, but I was just wondering how you made your deposit to catamaran cruise company. They didn't specify, but they want us to pay before Dec 31 to secure 2015 pricing :S
  3. I just stumbled onto the thread... I didn't realize all the different threads that were on this forum! This site is so amazing!! I'm from BC and I'll be getting married in Punta Cana in April 2016!
  4. Terrible! I sent our priest the mailing address a few weeks ago and today I found out that he will be forwarding the address on Monday! So I'm not too comfortable putting down any deposits for the catamaran cruise since the day hasn't been secured with the church yet, plus we're still working on what we'd like for the cruise. Did you ask for anything specific? We're thinking of the crazy hour. Our rsvp date is on Monday too, so we actually don't know how many people will be going. Luckily we didn't invite too many people so everyone should be easy to track down. I probably should've picked up
  5. @@AshleyNYC323 OMG! That's so awesome! How is your planning going? We're planning on doing a reception on the boat! Isn't it so cool how they can pick up your guests on the beach at the resort? Unfortunately I'm staying at a resort where they can't do this.
  6. @@AshleyNYC323 That's so awesome! My fiancé and I are thinking of doing a private catamaran cruise too! We just got a quote from Sanael. Who are you thinking of booking with?
  7. @@prostar113 Hi! Yay for another 2016 GP wedding. Congrats on your wedding! I just noticed a couple of things... The sheet Carolina sent me says the 2016 pricing for a private reception is $1113.00 USD and the price after 20 guests is $26 per person. So that'll make your calculations go up a bit On that same price sheet Carolina sent, it says the 2016 pricing for speaker and microphone rental for 3 hours is 336 USD. It doesn't say anything about extra hours. The price she quoted me for four hours of MC service, professional DJ, DJ booth, sound system, wireless microphone, robo
  8. @@shevette925 - Thanks so much!! And your review is so helpful too! Part of me is glad that a few documents aren't required if going through the Catholic church, but having to send a scanned copy of our passports via email is a bit worrisome. I'll have to think this through and see if doing a small ceremony at home is a better option. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! So I'm getting married April 2016, but there doesn't seem to be a 2016 thread. There's so much good info here so I thought I'd finally stop lurking and finally start posting @Meandhim @shevette925 - CONGRATS on your wedding!! Both of your posts, along with many of the other brides here, have really helped me get a better understanding of what's involved with planning a wedding at the GP resort. I hope you both had/have a wonderful wedding If anyone has the time to answer a few questions, I'd greatly appreciate it Ceremony - I'm doing a Catholic Ceremony. Did a
  10. Congratulations, angelad79!! I was browsing around for info about Catholic destination weddings in Punta Cana and I happened to come across your post, which was VERY informative! I'm debating between this resort and Majestic Colonial which has a chapel on site. I have a few questions and was hoping you'd be able to help me out. I was just wondering how you got in touch with the priest for the ceremony and whether it was done in English. Also, did your ceremony include communion and approximately how long was the service? Thanks in advance!!
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