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  1. Does anyone know if the resort allows children in the bar area for things like meet and greets? Or is there a different location that everyone could meet up? The ironic part of my situation is that my future in laws gave us money to pay for excursion as a thank you to our guests. We hadn't even considered it til they mentioned it. Did other people have their guests just not use the travel agency? So far only one couple has used our agency, the others haven't even contacted our agent before booking their own trips.
  2. Sorry for the small vent! am hoping someone on here as some great advice. Today we received 7 peoples rsvp- that have decided to go with booking their own trip on various websites. Its not so much that, as they are coming and leaving on different days than the travel agent had reserved. My future in-laws just informed me they are not flying in til the day before the wedding. She told me they would be there sometime the afternoon before. They are planning a long trip, and want to use the DR as the jumping off point for seeing more islands. They already have booked flights. Ugh. I had been looking at doing a group excursion the day before the wedding instead of a rehearsal dinner - I wrongly assumed my fiancés family would be there in advanced. His sister is also coming the day before as well! How have other people rehearsed? Does excursions the day after sound ok? I can not see people wanting to get up at 8am, so guess I would need something that allows people to recover. I was wanting to do the excursions before the wedding to allow people to meet and talk. I guess back to drawing board for welcome ideas.
  3. I just got an email saying the suite is confirmed for June. I have been emailing Vanessa, she is the spa manager. spa.nolpc@nowresorts.com
  4. The contract is 150 for suite. I just sent it in. I emailed the spa directly to ask and they sent me paperwork. We are extending our reception by a hour- you just pay the 12/18pp for alcohol. You pay based on initial number of people, not on how many stay during the extended time. I asked, just in case people want to leave early. I'm curious about setup costs too. My WC said 20% of their cost would apply to things I bring other than favors, menus, table numbers. Wondered if it was the personalization part that allows it to be used free.
  5. We are getting married June 14, 2016. I am needing ideas on what people do for their guest activities. Is everyone planning a welcome party? If so are you paying for private cocktail hour, or having everyone just meet at bar? We are wanting to do group excursion one day. Our group will range from 1-75 years old so not sure what will work for that range. Are you offering guests one paid activity and list of optional ones for other days that are non paid? I thought about putting list of local ideas from golf tee costs to snorkel in the oot packet so guests can pick their own.
  6. My fiancé and I currently have a 5 month old who was born at 28 weeks, at this time planning a big wedding at home is just too much on our plates so a destination wedding sounds great. My fiance wants somewhere that our son can go. We just got the green light from the Dr. that the trip will be okay, with some precautions. Has anyone had any issues with bringing a small child along? Any modifications they made to the wedding or reception? Did they bring a nanny or use family to help? We have been working out the details with coordinator at Now Larmier for late May, but still open to ideas if anyone has suggestions for a resort that would be better for working with us and our small child. Just want to get those little things sorted now so I can focus on the good stuff. =)
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