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  1. That is amazing! I will definitely need to pick your brain about planning, etc!!! Where are you having your ceremony and reception?? I want to have mine on the skydeck, but have seen mixed reviews about wind! Did you pick any of their packages?.....I feel like I have so many questions for you- lol. You are in Ontario as well- so hope some of the same planning tips will apply! :) 


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  2. Hi everyone! I know there are already quite a few Azul Fives Forums, but none that I have seen for 2016 brides! So I wanted to start one. I am currently waiting to hear from the resort on whether my wedding date is confirmed in November 2016. Anyone else start the process of wedding planning at this resort for 2016? Let's share stories along our planning adventures!! 


    Congrats everyone, and I look forward to hearing all your plans for your upcoming wedding at this gorgeous property.  :)

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  3. Hi Everyone! My fiance and I are in the very beginning stages of planning our wedding in the Mayan Riviera for either November 2016 (likely) or Jan/Feb 2017 (less likely). We are still trying to narrow down properties but I have so far absolutely fallen in love with Azul Fives, especially the option of the Sky wedding. Has anyone started the process of planning a wedding at this resort or have you considered it and chosen not to have you wedding there? Any tips or thoughts would be very helpful! Feeling overwhelmed, but very excited :) 


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