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  1. @@Wafflesmom, I'm well, but as you can imagine...frustrated. I've had my wedding specialist get in touch with Yanet's supervisor, and of course...it seems to be that the particular vendor they're using for décor is the problem. They have been VERY slow in responding. I know a lot rests on the shoulders of Yanet, but I'm a bit upset with her because her responses are EXTREMELY slow and have little to no information. I constantly get responses like "Thanks for your patience, waiting to hear back from the vendor" and so on and so forth. It has left a sour taste in my mouth so to speak. But
  2. @@Wafflesmom, Hi! It's been a minute since I've posted anything, but I have been checking in with your thread every now and again. I'm glad to hear things are mostly working out for you...and you're right, don't stress about the your friend cancelling...it's a weddingmoon!!!! So, just enjoy it I'm also glad to hear Yanet is working out for you. She is also my WC and I haven't been quite so lucky. Sometimes I don't hear back from her until a week or two later. Being fair though, my wedding is in Jamaica and the vendors haven't been the best about getting back with her. I have h
  3. Hi, Congrats on your nuptials. I am getting married at Moon Palace in Ocho Rios in June. I was wondering if you've heard anything about your pics since the wedding date. I have emailed Sungold and am trying to get price quotes for their packages as I am thinking of using them for my wedding. I have heard really great things about them as well as a few bad ones. Can you shed any light on the pricing, response times, and professionalism of the photos? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I know it's been awhile since anyone has posted on this thread. I am getting married in Jamaica in June and would like a list of the possible photographers and the prices if possible. Anyone who requested the spreadsheet if you still have it available, I would appreciate it! Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the review! I can't wait for my wedding there...it looks absolutely beautiful!
  6. @1weddinggirl Actually, I didn't have any problem reserving my date. The one thing I can suggest is try to find a wedding specialist that can book your flights included in the package deal. I have noticed that a lot of my guests were turned off from the package because they could find cheaper deals that included flights through other travel agencies. Good luck!
  7. Thanks, I love the colors I've chosen and according the vision I have I think it'll be beautiful. I'm going for a serene, ethereal vibe. And thanks for all the info! I will be sure to save any and every correspondence with them and get a complete list of approved vendors. I met my coordinator on Sept 14th and so far, I haven't heard anything else from her. Did you encounter slow tat on your coordinator's responses? Thanks again.
  8. Ummm, early stages I suppose. I am trying to make sure I don't start stressing over anything...I mean, after all, that's one of the benefits of a DW right? I just met my wedding coordinator and am really ready to dive in. We just signed our contract and are getting our guests booked. I haven't had a chance to actually "coordinate" anything with the coordinator yet, so really, I'm just getting started. Praying everything turns out like the vision I have in my head, lol. My colors are chocolate, royal/cobalt blue and white. I love calla lilies so I would really love for those to be used
  9. Hi brides and brides-to-be. I'm booked with Moon Palace; however, it is Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios. It is still Palace Resorts, so the packages are still the same. I was hoping someone had wedding reviews from MPJG, especially since they've remodeled, but I'll try my luck somewhere else. @@KatyM81, I saw you posted that you used the resort credits at the spa for hair and makeup. Did you use your resort credits for anything else (i.e. tours, massages, etc.)? Also, did you have to pay any out-of-pocket money for using the credits? I read somewhere, possibly in contract, t
  10. Hi Breena! Congrats on your engagement and good luck planning. I'm a newbie, planning for my wedding in Ocho Rios in June 2016. I decided to go with the newly renovated Moon Palace. RWS had been suggested to us, but decided to go with MPJG. We've been to MoBay and wanted to do somewhere else closer to tours. I'm excited as I know you are...good luck!
  11. @@Wafflesmom, Congratulations, everything looks wonderful and you are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in your dress! Hope everything works for you...thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi Tammy, I'm planning a wedding there for June 2016...I can't wait to read your review. My wedding specialist is heading there at the end of the month and I'm ready to hear all the good things about it.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm currently planning for a Jamaica wedding for June 2016. My fiancé and I are looking at the RWS for our nuptials. Does anyone have pictures of all the venues options? Also, I reside in the DFW area and was wondering if any of the brides have used any travel agencies/destination wedding planners from that area. We love the fact that there is a customizable menu and we are opting for the fireworks as well. Has anyone had the fireworks and how were they? I was wondering...how easy was the planning process and were you able to incorporate your own colors as much as possib
  14. Hi all! My fiancé and I are planning to wed in Jamaica in June 2016. Currently, we are considering the Royalton White Sands for our location. This resort was recommended by the travel agency we're using and I've looked at numerous reviews and am still unsure about making this the spot for our nuptials. Any feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. One specific question I have is has anyone had the fireworks during their ceremony? Also, I would love to be directed to actual real photos of the venue spots. Was the process for planning easy and how customizable (detailed)
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