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  1. Our Wedding is July 1st 2016 - It's approaching so fast! we are so excited. We have had the same issues most people have here, communication is slow. So what we have been doing is, We send an email with our bullet points and then we call Abraham and go one by one. It has been very effective. Right now we are down to the small details like what song to pick for the wedding ceremony etc. Does anyone have an idea from their wedding if they choose the guitarist if they liked it? We are also bringing welcome bags does anyone know how the delivery works? do they label it with each persons name and put in their room? We are doing outside Photographer and Videographer and yes we are getting charged the $500 fee. We are also using outside vendor for makeup Beso Brides @mention Unfortunately they do charge the extra $70 per person. We also chose the Strawberry package. We have around 65 Guests and we are also opting for an extra hour. They gave us no Discounts. Also some off our decor they cant do so we had to use their Vendor LatinAsia $$$ more money, sigh.
  2. Hi TaraW and Kimmyd2 Thank you so much to both of you for your tips and advice. Reading your post has been so helpful and calming at the same time I am so excited and cant wait to see your pictures and hear all about how amazing your day was. @@TaraW I would so gratefully I appreciate if you can private message me the info you have. My email is alemike2016@@gmail.com. Thank you so much!
  3. We finally got confirmation of our Date July 1st, 2016 at 5:00 pm so excited. We are planning our ceremony in the gazebo and our reception inside Palmeras grill maybe we will change i to the beach will see. Scarleth was very helpful at answering our emails and phone calls. Question about Rehearsal Dinner options? I'm quite confused and heard mixed reviews of the spaces for rehearsal dinner. I've heard you only have semiprivate space. We wanted to film ours because on that same day is my Fiances Father's Birthday he is turning 70 and we would like to surprise him. We wanted something a little more private. have any of you guys had a rehearsal dinner outside of the Hotel? or are there any other more private options in the hotel? Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  4. Hello and congratulations to everyone on their past and upcoming nuptials. I'm so glad I found this thread. Our story begins with our wedding being booked at a different hotel. We decided to take a trip last week for the holidays to get some sun and to also check out the Place we picked. It turned out into a disappointment, even what we had picked where to have the ceremony and reception was switched to even having another wedding happening 50 feet from us. Needless to say I was stressed and so worried. So our lovely travel agent sent us to Barcelo. We checked out the property, Abraham took us around, he was very nice! At the end of the tour we fell in love. They have so many options for everyone. We decided to put our Date on hold with them and luckily for us the date was available. July 1st 2016. He told us that in order to lock in the date he needed our reservation. We got that and sent the email 3 days ago but now is taking forever for them to respond. It's making me so nervous. As I kept reading this thread I realized how slow they are to respond. I hope they just respond soon.... I just can't handle anymore venue stress.