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  1. @@beachbeth I am doing the wedding ceremony on the beach at 4pm which will be immediately followed by the champagne toast and the cocktail hour on the beach in the same spot where the ceremony took place. We'll then move inside for the reception starting at 6:30. I was thinking exactly what @@DLS2016 just said though that the groom and I will probably miss most of it from the picture taking but at least the guests will be occupied?
  2. @@Harper370 I'm so happy your wedding went so well!!! I am glad to hear that the spa stylist and PhotoPro were both wonderful! YAY!!! (Makes me feel better!!!) One question- how did it go meeting with the wedding planner and the PhotoPro people before the wedding? Was it easy to set up the meetings? Thanks for the mosquito tip! I was thinking of buying some sort of bug repellent wipes to give to guests for the ceremony especially since the world is worried about Zika! I'm also so happy the plane let you use the closet! It sounds like everything went perfect!! If I think of any questio
  3. Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone is still active on this board but if so I was wondering what you ladies did/plan to do for shoes! I'm having the ceremony, photos, and cocktail hour on the beach and then the reception indoors. I'm only 4'11 so would love a little heel but pretty sure even a wedge would make me fall in the sand. Can anyone share photos of the shoes, sandals, barefoot sandals, etc that you chose to do? Thank you!!
  4. @@Harper370 I signed with PhotoPro too. I'm glad they have been helpful with questions! I haven't asked any yet but I feel like I'll have a bunch as it gets closer. I was worried since they asked for the getting ready room number on the contract and I won't know that until we check in but I'm sure that's something they are used to. I feel like my biggest worry right now is how all the meetings will go when we first get there- I think we meet with the wedding planner first followed by the photographer that same day? Does that sound like what you've been told too? As for the wedding dre
  5. @@beachbeth Absolutely! I'll keep you posted as I get to make more plans. I think I've done everything I can until the 3 month mark which is when Iberostar's wedding coordinator said we'd be in more frequent contact. You'll be fine with 40 people for the private reception. The reception costs $990 USD to rent out an entire restaurant for 4 hours. Not too bad as it'll still be far cheaper than a wedding where I live! The DJ is $636 USD (with taxes included) for the entire 4 hours and the dance floor will just be the restaurant floor (which I think is perfectly fine! You can upgrade to addin
  6. I like that! No, I didn't work with destination weddings but kind of wish I did- I feel like you got more inside information! I just went off of the packages through Iberostar and booked on my own but probably would have bee able to tailor it more had I used an agent!
  7. @@DLS2016 That sounds perfect! I liked both locations and agree the jungle is more private. I like how you're having the cocktail hour with a DJ at the beach bar after the dinner that works out perfectly! I don't think I've seen photos of the beach bar! It's so hard to plan from far away!!
  8. @@beachbeth I'm getting married a month before you (Dec 3). I'm getting married 4pm on the beach. Reception at the Steakhouse at the resort starts at 6:30 and ends at 10:30 (cocktail hour and photos in between). You only need 30 people to reserve the entire restaurant. If you end up with less you have to pay a fee per person missing from 30 (I'm not sure how much that fee was though. I can look though my contract if you need that info.) I also booked the dj through the resort and they set up right in the restaurant!
  9. @@Harper370 I'm going to use the spa for both my hair and makeup. No idea how it'll turn out! They do a hair trial as well so that's good.
  10. I am! I'm getting married there December 3, 2016! @@DLS2016 Since you're getting married first you'll have to keep me posted! @@Harper370 The wedding coordinator has been SO helpful and my wedding is still 10 months out. With her help I've picked the package, the reception dinner, the dj, photographer, etc. She answers emails in great detail and said that in the two months leading up to the wedding is when you'll have the most contact ironing out all the details.
  11. Oh no! Has anyone heard anything more?? Wasn't one of the brides on here getting married this December??
  12. @@Mexico2015 thank you! I appreciate you sharing! That does make sense that there wouldn't be a designated spot for a dance floor considering it's typically a restaurant. You're getting really close to your wedding- good luck!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm a December 2016 Tucan bride (I know- awhile away!). Since it is SO far away I'm not getting too many answers- which completely makes sense since the wedding is so far away. With my Type A personality and trying to budget I like to have as much information as possible! Can anyone answer any of these questions? 1. When do you need to provide the final headcount. I might have more than 30 but not sure. I read that if you have more than 30 they recommend renting out a restaurant. I don't want to commit to that too soon since I don't know if we will get over the 30 mark.
  14. I'm also getting married there (Tucan- same resort!) in December 2016! I'll join this thread because I'm looking for info as well
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