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  1. Save the date! - If you are planning to do a destination wedding abroad you should send to your guests the save the date card at least 4 months before the celebration. In this card you can just write the date of the wedding and the place, so your guests can book flights and hotels, in case you could not rent the whole villa or castle for everyone.
  2. When you decide to have a destination wedding one of the things that you should never forget is to plan some interesting activities for your guests. Remember they came all the way to Italy to participate at you special day so its your duty take care of them in a good way. Along with the wedding planner you can organize for them a wine tasting tour in the countryside or cooking classes with some typical italian recipes. They can visit the places near the location, small old towns with historic museums and breathtaking landscapes. In Italy, especially during spring and summer, there is always something to do and see. An interesting event somewhere like a music festival or an artistic exhibition, you will never get bored!
  3. Let's consider the pros if you choose a villa or a castle to host your wedding: - most of these places have their own wedding planner who can organize everything starting from all the documents that you need to get married, the flowers for the ceremony and the banqueting, all the decorations, the music for the ceremony and for the banquet and so on. - there will be only one location for the wedding and host your family and friends, so no stress about the way they can get to the venue, they have everything in the same place!
  4. Hello everyone!! I am Italian and I am curious to know if you have ever considered to have a destination wedding in Italy?!! My country is full of wonderful locations, you have a wide choice among luxurious Tuscany countryside, breathtaking Amalfi Coast, glamorous Lake Como and so on.. Either you desire a location on a lake or in the countryside, you will have the help of expert wedding planner who will organize a perfect wedding for you, following your desire and your taste. I am writing an ebook featuring the best italian 10 top locations for wedding, castle and historic villa that you can rent for a few days to spend unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Planning a wedding abroad can be stressful and you may end up having many doubts but all these venues have experienced wedding planner that can follow each single step, and your wedding will be for sure a great success that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your life.
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