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  1. Thanks! If the photographer is a guest it is $500usd. These vendor fees are crazy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Did anyone not book their wedding day three business days in advance of when they arrived? We arrive on Saturday and really don't want to wait (sun burns, hangovers, stress) until Thursday to get married. I have emailed the resort to try and change it, which I need to know this week to book my photographer. Any advice? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. @@TorontoGal I think we will have between 40-50 people. I am not sure what type of bar we want. Just weighing the pros and cons of which package we want to go with. We don't need most of the extras in the Romance package, we don't need any of the photos, the return visit, the spa discount, but on the other hand we like the free open bar, the cocktails reception after the ceremony and the later ceremony times. Such a hard decision! The free wedding has a minimum of 16 people, then you pay $30USD for everyone after 30.
  4. @@TorontoGal Thanks! For the private reception, I meant, for the open bar, if it would be better to get the romance package in conjunction with the private reception, or do the free package with the private reception and pay for the open bar. Forgot to mention the bar part! haha
  5. Looking into bringing my own photographer and videographer. Found a great couple who do both, just for the price of their travel expenses. I am wondering if there is anyway to avoid the $500 vendor fee. This is a ridiculous expense to add onto someone's wedding. Also, just wondering if anyone did the free wedding package and a private reception. Did this end up being cheaper or more expensive than just going with the romance package. Are there any other add ons that people did with the free wedding? I am unsure how to getting the most for my guests for their money since the
  6. Hi ladies, just wondering do you have to stay on the luxury size/adult only side of the resort to be eligible for the beach ceremony? And have you heard anything about the wind at the beach? I heard the gazebo weddings are always super windy, wondering if the beach is on a different side of the resort! Thanks! Has anyone done an outdoor reception on the beach? It was included in their google docs that they sent to my TA. Looks beautiful! Wondering what the cost would be compared to Pisces. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9Z4XuvqT5HwcDNoYWs4VjJ2eEk&usp=sharing&ti
  7. Hey ladies! Just wondering how many guests sit at each table. We are having approximately 50 guests and I am trying to buy centre pieces for each table! I think we may rent out the Pisces. Or do the a la carte restaurants allow you to decorate their tables as well? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Beautiful pictures! My wedding will be somewhere between 30-50 people in May 2017. Just had a few questions! 1. Would you recommend any outside photographers or videographers as the hotels seem super expensive! 2. Do you need seating charts and table numbers? Or does everyone sit where they want at the Pisces? 3. Did anyone provide a dress code for men? Was reading there was some restaurants that's don't allow shorts. 4. What is the Max number of ppl before you have to get private reception? 5. Did anyone bring fake flowers? Would you recommend this over the resort?
  9. Looking for the template for these invitations.. seen them before on this thread but can't seem to find them again.. so beautiful! Document3.pdf
  10. This may be really out there, but I am trying to make Bridesmaid's tank tops for my wedding party and found great ones online, which are too expensive but I found a lady in my city willing to print similar ones. She told me just to find the font and the shirts I want and she will put it on. Does anyone know the name of the following font? It seems to be on a lot of the Bridesmaids apparel. Even at David's Bridal and in a lot of Etsy shops. I have been on font downloaders all morning with no luck! Shirt Font.doc
  11. I absolutely love using Fitbit to achieve my fitness goals. I would like to lose about 30lbs before my wedding in 2017. Please add me brittnoel448. Would love some encouragement and ladies to help each other through this stressful process! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @@emmapalmer Just wondering if you know if they have set color schemes likes some resorts, or can you pick whatever you like? I am really leaning towards turquoise and white but didn't know if people supplied their own sashes for the chairs or whatnot. I know they supply the bouquets but I was going to bring my own to incorporate my color scheme. Thanks!
  13. Thanks so much! I will definitely have to look into some of these extra costs! $900 for hair? That's crazy! I have never been down south so I am looking forward to it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks everyone! Great words of wisdom there for sure. I am now leaning towards making them co-maids of honor just because I love them both so much and can't choose between them. As you guys said they will probably put their differences aside and do their best to make my day the most special. Thanks for the advice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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