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  1. I'm here right now and it is the top of building 3 which is the center building. Very central location
  2. I had communication issues with Katy too. I literally waited over a month for replies. I ended up being able to bring my own stuff for around the same price, it is just a pain in the butt to get it down there.
  3. Here is the one I got: We hope this email finds you well, We would like to inform you about some non-authorized vendors that we have detected in our properties and the actions that we will be taking in relation to this matter. We have received notifications from former brides about vendors who are having decoration up for sale. We have identified these non-authorized vendors and we are also aware of the various social media platforms where they are advertising their services. We have completely recognized all the decoration items as well as the boxes or suitcases where such decoration is in. We have detected how they usually request our hotel guests to pick up such decorations off property in order to avoid being exposed. As a company, our policies do not allow any of these vendors as their business activities are irregular. In addition, these vendors are illegally selling products and avoiding governmental fees and taxes. The guest purchasing this items are as well incurring on braking the law. For this reason, we must notify all our clients that we will charge an $800USD fee for such decoration (lanterns, signature stationaries, flowers, etc.) once we detect them in our properties. The fee will also apply in the case of makeup artists, photographers, or any other vendor that provides a service that has not been previously notified to us, and the hotel will also reserve the right to refuse admission. Thank you for the bonds of trust we have built together and for choosing Azul Sensatori Hotel by Karisma for your Destination Wedding. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments. Although I think that their email was pretty intense and that it could have been worded in a much more professional way, but I do understand why they sent something. They are very clear about their approved vendors and their outside vendor fees, and Love & Lace is an outside vendor. It was great that people have been able to get away with it until now, but it really was only a matter of time until resorts started to catch on, especially when they see the exact same decorations week after week. I was thinking about going with Love & Lace, but I ended up being able to bring my own stuff for close to the same price, plus I can sell it when I get home to recoup some of the cost. Yeah its a lot of stuff to take on an airplane, but there is no risk that you will get caught cheating the system and end up paying a huge outside vendor fee. I dunno... I can see why everybody is frustrated because renting from Katy is more convenient than bringing your own stuff and cheaper than the resorts rentals, but from a business perspective I totally understand that they have policies in place for a reason and I don't think we can fault them for enforcing policies that we were all aware of.
  4. Has anybody ever been upgraded to a Presidential Suite? Or is it always the Honeymoon Suite?
  5. Former brides - did you give a gratuity to the onsite wedding team? Thanks
  6. Does anybody know if they give a list of room numbers for the group to the bridal couple? Thanks!
  7. For people who got complimentary upgrades - did you do anything to get it like speaking with the manager?
  8. Does anybody have experience with getting the resort to make you a boxed lunch or pack up some beer for if you are going on an all day excursion? I've heard that some resorts will do this. If not, does anybody know what hours room service is available? The guys are going on a deep sea fishing trip and will be picked up from the resort at 6:00 AM. I noticed that none of the restaurants are open before that and wondering if they will be able to get breakfast through room service.
  9. Any other November brides out there? I haven't seen any on the roll call.
  10. Do you know anything about it being 'free' for people in the Premium Section? Thanks
  11. Does anybody have a price list for Le Chique for resort guests? I know the prices vary depending on number of courses and if you get wine pairings. I also heard that guests in the Premium section can eat there for free once during their stay. Is this true? Thanks!
  12. Did any of you use something other than numbers for your tables such as names of beaches, Mexican cities, Mexican drinks, etc? If so, what theme did you have and what names did you use? Thanks!
  13. Where did Canadian brides order their sheers from? I saw a previous post that had an Amazon.com link, however they didn't ship to Canada. Thanks in advance.
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