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  1. Hello Ladies, Im selling a brand new designer cathedral wedding veil for CAD 150. Bought for $250 originally $450 from a designer bridal warehouse special sale. I really like the idea of long veil in the beach specially for photo shoot but I opted for a shorter veil instead. Preferably Canadian/ GTA brides for ease of transacting. Thanks,
  2. I ordered this magnetic 2016 calendar from vista print. I love those magnetic calendars on the fridge. This will be our STD invites so our family and close friends will see our face everyday hahaha and remind them of our DW in 2017 I paid $10 for 20 calendar with vista print 50% promotion. (I totally forgot our names on it lol)
  3. Ive been on the hunt for this as well but its so expensive and if not its a bad quality. Weddingstar recently had this on 60% off sale so I ended up getting mine for like $ 9 originally $28. Its pretty good quality and perfect size for the beach. Personalizing it cost additional 5 bucks and only allows you one letter initial. Im planning to DIY our monogram instead.
  4. Congratulations on your engagement You have a really good range of budget. I agree that TA will give you way better rates and update you on current promotions each resort has. @ and @@deecol would you please pm me the direct contact to your TA's. Im currently looking as well. Thanks
  5. @@acw271011 sorry I just read your message. Here is the info on the website http://designerbridalsale.com/ I saw this advertisements ftom facebook. They are still open today until 5pm. No appointment required.
  6. Thank you @calgarybride2015 . Here is the one I end up buying. The dress is so much nicer than this picture.
  7. They say dont ever go to bridal shop and try on dresses until you are ready to buy one because most likely you will end up liking the one you tried on. I went to this Toronto Designer warehouse sale just to checked it as they are advertising thousands of designer dresses at really good steal. The warehouse sale is only for 3 days so I decided to go and voila... .. I bought my dress which will sleep in my closet until April 2017 . Im not worried about changing my mind coz this dress is exactly how I imagine to be wearing on my wedding day.
  8. Thank you ladies. You are all amazing and your input are very helpful. This planning thing is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. So much things to do and you can only start and everything is inprogress simultaneously. Ticking the box of your checklist will be at the very end
  9. Hello everyone I recently joined BDW and Im glad I did as this site is a great help already. My planned wedding date is April 2017. I just need some advice if I should start getting a travel agent or booking my wedding date at the resort? Is it too early?
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