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  1. Hi Just looking to find out if you were able to claim back tax on the costs of your wedding?
  2. Try mywedding.com, you can create a free wedding website and if you download the weddingparty app, you can link this with the website also so all those that have the app and add pictures from your wedding they load onto your website.
  3. Hi I am currently trying to source other options for photographer and videographer for my Wedding in October. I was looking to get this from the same company as Moon Palace charge an $800 outside vendor fee. I have spoken to the hotels preferred vendor and have been quoted $4400 for 5hours of photo (around 350-400 photos on a USB stick) and 4 hours video (a 45minute DVD and a 4-5min hightlight DVD). I am not sure if this is reasonable or overpriced, any thoughts?
  4. My wedding coordinator did not give me a brochure or send me information on Zuniga, I will need to ask her for this. Are they a preferred vendor also?
  5. This information would be helpful for me too, my wedding is in Ocrober. We have now been moved to the Venado Terrace as the Caribbean Terrace is closing due to refurbishment works The lighting is so expensive, we liked the lanterns and string lights but the need to put up structures plus the lights so will work out over budget for me too. Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated. x
  6. Hi In the letter i got from my travel agent it said just grand pool and Caribbean restaurant were being closed. However after booking the Caribbean terrace months ago for our wedding I have just had an email to say this is now going to be closed for the refurbishment works
  7. I have just had an email to say that due to the refurbishment works to the grand the Caribbean terrace is now going to be closed. Quite disappointing news especially since planning the reception around this area and visualizing it set up for these months now
  8. I think it's on the grand side. Above the el caribeno restaurant. The picture I was shown is shows that it's is outside but from the pictures I saw online it looks like there is a section undercover also. If you type moon palace Caribbean terrace into google images a few wedding reception pics pop up. Where are you having your wedding ceremony? Have you seen the wedding script? I emailed the wedding coordinator to ask for a copy no reply yet
  9. My wedding here is booked now! I had read so many good reviews and a few bad ???? the good seem to weigh out over the bad. I think the hotel itself will be amazing and the wedding planners at the hotel seem to be really good at what they do.
  10. Hi All I am getting married at Moon Palace this October, have chosen a beach wedding and have been allocated the Caribbean Beach spot, I have also chosen the Caribbean Rooftop Terrace, recommended by Alejandra at the hotel. We have decided to go with Dreamart for photo and video as the ouside vendors with the fee was working out too expensive. We chose 5 hours photo and 4 hours video to ensure we capture the getting ready, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Any thought or tips on this? We are currently thinking about DJ or IPod. Also decor for the ceremony, I am thi
  11. Hi Did you have a mendhi party at Moon Palace before your wedding, where are you having this? I am having a civil wedding ceremony but as we are Indian, I want to have a Mendhi/Sangeet Party before the wedding.
  12. Hi New to this. I am getting married at Moon Palace in October this year, I can't wait!! Where is the best place to have the reception, we have chosen the caribbean terrace so far. Also did you have a plated meal or buffet for reception?
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