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  1. @@LindoBride2009 Are you aware if that is still true regarding the private reception at Iberostar Maya? I am looking to have around 20-30 guests I would like to still have somewhat of a private reception with a dj and dancing.
  2. @@Wafflesmom I am going back and forth with which one. The resort requires you to arrive 4 days prior to the ceremony and complete a blood test for the legal ceremony, which is fine. But I would like to incorporate my religion I am Christian and would like a minister to wed us.
  3. Were you able to have the religious ceremony you were looking for? I am interested in the same, getting married at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya in May 19 2017
  4. So I have decided on Iberostar Paraiso Maya!!! For May 2017!!! I am so excited and nervous at the same time!
  5. Any new IBEROSTAR brides? Im considering the Paraiso Maya in Playa del Carmen. Any advice, tips, stories, pictures, or just general insight would be great. May 2017 I cant wait... Im in love with all of the photos I hope the experience is just as great.
  6. @Lindsay30 Thank you for the wonderful and fully detailed review. I am looking to have my wedding at either the Grand or Paraiso Maya in May 2017. I was wondering about your choice in ceremony location. I read that there are issues with having it in the chapel if you are not catholic. Also where were you able to find your photographer, what was the vendor fee associated with that? Thank you! Everything sounds beautiful.
  7. @nysami78 Thanks for the review... How much did this vendor cost? I am looking to book them for my wedding at Iberostar Paraiso Maya and I have seen the lit dance floor and I love it! Thanks in advance!
  8. @@SophiaS How was your wedding? How did the photographer go? Please give us some deets or pictures. I am considering Iberostar Paraiso Maya for my 3/2017 wedding
  9. @@purplekitten How did everything turn out? Have any pictures or reviews from the wedding ceremony and reception? I am considering having my wedding at this resort in March 2017. Thanks!
  10. @acionczyk Did you locate this DJ on your own or was he provided by the resort? I will keep this name in mind, considering Ibeostar.
  11. @acionczyk Thank you for the review! I am considering this resort for a March 2017 wedding. I believe I will have about 40-50 guests. Do you have any photos from you wedding ceremony? Or any particular reviews on the ceremony set up and reception. How many guest did you have?
  12. I reached out to the travel agency through the site. I am leaning toward Dreams Sands in Cancun and Iberostart Peraiso Maya. Has anyone had any weddings here or stayed at these resorts. Pictures on the site only show so much. I want to make things as affordable as possible for my guests. But as I search I am becoming more and more selfish about what is more important to the Fi and I. Please tell me you guys understand that. Thanks again.
  13. Is the Frenchman Marriott an all inclusive resort? I am considering different locations for a destination wedding...
  14. @@acw271011 and @@Janjin Thank you for all the advice Ladies. I just need to rethink the location then. My family and I will be flying out of Philadelphia. I wouldn't mind considering Mexico. But since our wedding date is close to Spring Break, I didn't want all the loud college kids. Any other locations in the Caribbean with great wedding packages? I am so lost at this
  15. We have been engaged since June 2015. Finally decided to go with a destination wedding, shooting for 03/2017. I have been looking to keep costs low for our guests and ourselves. I have decided to try and find an all inclusive resort in Puerto Rico. Which allows a lot of my family to avoid going through the process of getting passports. I have become so frustrated with the websites of the resorts not confirming whether they are all inclusive. I fell in love with Grand Melia Resorts architecture but was devastated that it was not an all inclusive resort to benefit my guests. We are looki
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