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  1. @@penchauv Hello I am looking into Pennisula and Caribe for my wedding next year. I have not found alot of information on private receptions. Are you considering a Private reception for your big day.
  2. @dobedare @@summer1993 Do you still have any of these items?
  3. @@DianaSRZ I also booked Luckie Photography he is really a pleasure to communicate with he is very responsive and I can't wait to see your pictures. I am also booked at Moon Palace.
  4. Did anyone have an indoor reception? Or is anyone having an indoor reception? I am wondering what I should add as far as the decor and all. Drapes, lighting, Curtain etc. Is it worth it or no.
  5. @@dandi76 not bad at all so you do not have your flight information yet?
  6. @@dandi76. I am still waiting for flight information. my wedding is June 11 2016 @Moon Palace. What was your quote for 2 adults if you don't mind me asking.
  7. @@TheBHolders, Our wedding is just a week apart. I went with Ivan Luckie. Just wondering who you went through. Also How is all the planning going for you. I been looking for a indoor reception information since the 10pm curfew time for the other locations seem outrageous. My family likes to party so cutting my wedding off by 10 will be an issue lol.
  8. @@Wafflesmom Yes I found that weird too, but I hope she will help out. You are so right I have the DJ and the Photographer and videographer booked. I am like you and those were super important to me.
  9. @@Wafflesmom I just received my coordinators name this week Nayeli. My contract doesn't state the vendor fee, just says that their is one for outside vendor ugh I have decided to go with Luckie Photography. He has been a joy to deal with and I am happy I got him. I am hoping to speak with my coordinator on the phone today, hopefully she can help me understand the process.
  10. OKAY ladies I am still waiting to be assigned a WC!!! I was wondering who everyone who is booked with Moon Palace is choosing for their Videography and photography. I feel like DreamArt is over priced. But It seems like that might be my only options as it would be too expensive to pay the outside vendor fee $800. Is there a top secret one that Moon Palace approves but fail to mention to us at first. Once I get my WC I am hoping she will help with this. But if you are going through this now how did it work for you.
  11. Hello, I am booked for Moon Palace for June 11th 2016!! Super excited about about the wedding and find myself drowning in wedding ideas all day LOL! If there is any other Moon brides that have any tips or suggestions please shoot them my way. TIA Priscilla
  12. @@MissAmber26 Have you heard of any other approved vendors for photography DreamArt is very expensive and I am looking to get someone else.
  13. I love this forum. The centerpiece Idea using the bridesmaid bouquet is the best idea yet!! I am booked for June 11 2016 at Moon and I am so excited!!! I am in the process of picking a photographer and dj. I know I want to keep cost down so I am also planning on bringing my own decor. Not to much but the tool on the chairs, table runners, centerpieces, and some other little decor around. I am planning on have baskets of gifts for the guest!! Flipflops, and beer openers in the shape of a cowboy boot that says just got hitched!! I am looking for other items. I will email the photograp
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