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  1. Hey! I just got back from my wedding here. We were lucky enough to have great weather (got married in the chapel and ceremony on the sky terrace roof top with 84 guests). If you do the ballroom, try to have the full back up plan - for ex, I know someone who draped all the walls of it and made it look nicer!
  2. @@Anitam hi! I'm getting married here on April 11th and have some questions for you! Is there anyway you can email me? My ceremony was supposed to be in the chapel, but I'm over capacity so that's moved to the beach now. My reception is on the sky terrace. I'm working with Sofia also. I feel like the prices she's quoting us are so high!! Any suggestions or advice would be so appreciated. I would love to see your tent by the way! ReginaKrachak@@gmail.com
  3. Hi! Send me an email:) reginakrachak@@gmail.com
  4. @@jrobbins3 so happy to hear from someone! Where did you have your cocktail hour and reception? Did you have a private dinner? Do you also have any pictures? I think I might have a million more questions but don't want to bombard you haha my wedding date is 9 months away! Congratulations on yours!!
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm all booked for April 11th 2016 and have secured my wedding ceremony location on the Sky Terrace. Can anyone please provide me with pictures or information about reception locations! We are expecting a minimum of 50-60 guests! I can't have it on the Sky Terrace bc they require a minimum of 4 hours to set up for the reception (and my ceremony is at 5PM). I also can't have it on the sand (my grandmother is wheelchair-bound). Please let me know! I've been speaking to my WC, but the pictures are so limited and I would love some honest reviews! Thanks in advance ~ Regina
  6. @@deecol Congratulations to you too! Yay for April brides haha! I booked the Royalton Riviera Cancun! April 11th is our wedding date. So exciting! Best of luck to you. - Regina
  7. Hi everyone! Has anyone made a website not through a site like the Knot? My fiancé does web design and development on the side and is going to create ours from scratch. Just trying to get any ideas! Thanks, Regina
  8. I contacted them and they said it is! Thanks Can anyone share their experiences?!
  9. I winded up booking the Royalton Riviera Cancun! Is there a forum for this resort?? I know it's fairly new!
  10. Hi! Just booking my wedding for April 2016 and was wondering if there is wheelchair access to the Sky roof deck location. Thanks!
  11. I hope this is how you reply! I'm new to this website lol! Now Jade seems very interesting and I don't want to get married on the sand either! Your wedding date was the date of my engagement! Do you have any pictures?? Thanks for the response I love the Azul chain but as I'm looking at dates on tripadvisor (just for an idea of nightly rate) - they seem all booked for every date I try to enter! (I'm hoping to get married the weekend of April 7-12th, 2016).
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm newly engaged and am on the hunt for all-inclusive resorts in Mexico or Dominican Republic. It seems like the hundreds I've looked at didn't work one for reason or another. I'm pretty easy going, but truly need a resort to be budget friendly for my guests (I'm hoping to get married the weekend of April 7th-12th). My family and friends are all coming from New York so we are very spoiled with food - thus we'll need a resort with good food (doesn't have to be spectacular, but people have to be able to eat!). I am looking for a resort that is relatively modern or at least
  13. Hi all, I'm brand new to this forum and have looked at (what feels like) hundreds of resorts in Mexico and Dominican Republic. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a budget friendly resort that has great food and a more modern feel. Hoping to have an April 2016 wedding date, thus... I need to get a move on it! Thank You!!! - Regina
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