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  1. Love this!! I know its super cheesy, but I will be spending a week in Mexico, and then have a reception 5 weeks later. I love that me, and my friends and families who cannot attend one or the other (or attend both but obviously cant see everything!) have a place to share some fun pics! I have already started to think about ours!
  2. @@Wafflesmom, thanks for the hello! Glad to hear that the MMs weren't a problem! Your suckers are an adorable idea! So cheesy that its so good! Wedding planning is coming along...haha, we are ordering bridesmaid dresses this weekend, and starting to order/find decor options. I just found out that we are not allowed to use sparklers, so I have to find a Plan B. Your wedding is coming so soon! When do you leave?
  3. Oh this is so excellent to hear! Thanks so much for your insight! I am probably stressing more than I have to! #weddingbrain
  4. I am getting married only 2 weeks after you at the same resort! We have family all over Canada, so having a DW was the best bet, plus a reception in our hometown 5 weeks after the wedding! When we had narrowed it down to 5 resorts, we picked Sandos because we like their beach the best. Plus, it is so family friendly and decently priced for our guests. We might go somewhere else more romantic for the honeymoon, but for the wedding, it is perfect! We are also doing the Turquoise Breeze package and also love that they have a cat cafe! I am super excited to have found someone who is getting married so close to my date at the same hotel; a lot of these are a bit dated. Please let me know how your experience goes! Good luck with the rest of your planning!
  5. We thought about doing MMs, and we found that they can be sent to us in individual packaging. I was thinking about contacting Customs before we actually order them, but the general consensus that I have read is that candy is typically okay, so *fingers crossed! Thanks so much for the lovely welcome! Hello Ash, thanks so much for the welcome! VI is lovely, and although it rains a lot, the temperatures stay close to 0 and rarely snows (basically everyone knows about the "Snow Storm of 96" because it snows so little and that was a decent sized storm for us! ) It is definitely a great place to live, but we moved for work. (I miss the ocean more than I actually care to admit!) Where on the Island did Mike live? Chris' family is all over GTA and southern ON, and I lived in Hamilton when I was a kid. His sister is smack downtown TO, (literally across the street from Rogers Centre), and we love visiting! I found an Canadian Etsy site (I think while going through this site actually!) https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/239071202/mini-pinatas-fiesta-weddings-mexican?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=mini%20pinatas&ref=sc_gallery_1&plkey=3caa3ae58513c3b435672cda9affc66b6ae10d3b:239071202 where they make mini pinatas. I am in LOVE! I thought it would be cute to fill them with personal MMs in our wedding colours? My sister in law did MMs as well, but she did them in etched shot glasses, so they are kind of different? It is hard to find something different, especially with the CAD dollar being so low. Fingers crossed it picks back up! We are getting married at the Sandos Playacar Beach Experience, in Playa del Carmen! Where are you getting married? Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I am new-ish! I have been on here since May, but haven't actually posted anything because most of my questions are answered right in the forums. I am getting married on 5 May (4 months and 4 days! Ahh!), and as I have already used this site so much, I thought I would say hello Me and my fiance (Chris) are from Vancouver Island (BC) and currently live outside Whistler. We are getting married in Playa del Carmen, and we are so excited! We chose a DW, because, like so many couples, having family across the country was difficult to choose a spot. We discovered that an all inclusive in Mexico was cheaper than travelling 7 days to Toronto or Kelowna. Plus, this was a compromise from my lovely fiance, who actually wanted to elope vs a big wedding Current projects are favours and decor. Did any of you have any troubles bringing edible favours/OOT bags into Mexico? That was my only fear, but I didn't want to spend the money on non-edible favours because so many get left behind. Thanks everyone for all the insight so far; looking forward to being more visible on this site! Talk soon!
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