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  1. So in the hacienda shops by the casino (just outside of Tulum lobby) you can get a single maraca for $2 each and you can have a name put on it as well
  2. That is perfect! Seriously dragging all kinds of stuff down there is crazy! The water proof case is brilliant, everyone wanted one that was with us, wish I had of thought of it!!
  3. Hi there, it was really great We didn't have centerpieces, we had 4 big tables of 8 and it was supposed to be in the restaurant so I didn't use anything, 1 because there didn't seem to be enough room on the tables and 2 because I hate when a centerpiece obstructs the view of guests at the tables! That being said if you wanted to you could fit something smaller and low, or something slender and tall. I really didn't find it necessary with all of the other things on the table already. I think this would depend on how many people you were having per table. We did the opposite of favors and had l
  4. Hi Ladies! Here is my review We arrived at GBP Tulum on Wednesday March 2, 2016. Upon arriving I received a call from my coordinator and went to meet her in her office. We discussed the wedding wishes and any last minute changes and then payment. She then let me know that the entire amount for the wedding was billed to my room and if others wished to pay a portion they just needed to go to the front desk and give our room number. We were told credit card only - I'm sure this could be paid in cash as they aren't very strict on things and you can usually negotiate if something works better
  5. Just got home, mine was credit only billed to our room. My parents went to the desk and gave our room and paid some on the balance and then we paid the balance at check out
  6. Hi! Oh how nice to have it at 5pm! Where is your ceremony? So we are 4pm ceremony, 6pm dinner and 8pm-11pm reception Do you have your coordinator yet? She will pretty much tell you when your things have to be!
  7. Has anyone decided to change their wedding package last minute? Like 1 month out... no huge change but switched packages, i'm not sure how my coordinator will react or if it's even allowed!
  8. Can anyone tell me if they have had this issue or if I'm the one that is messing things up in this situation.... My ceremony is booked for Tulum Beach at 4pm, Dinner was set for 6pm at La Gran Tortuga. She tried to get me to have it at 530 and I said no because that does not give enough time for pictures etc and 530 is simply too early for us. She said that she would have to make a special request.... every other timeline i've seen has had dinner at 6pm. Anyways, today she emailed me and said we would be allowed to have it in the tented area of the restaurant only if we agreed to have it a
  9. Hi Gemma, I don't think you will need to pay the fee as you are going during low season!
  10. Yes you're right it is only $70 but I have them for 3 hours so $210! haha Thank you! If you find out about the pesos could you post here? That would be wonderful! Also there is a facebook group called Bahia Lovers (MR) and they have tons of files and reviews on all of the restaurants
  11. Hi ladies! Less than 50 days for us I'm wondering if anyone has some cost savings ideas or if they were able to get a discount on anything, with the Canadian exchange rate being so awful, the price of our wedding has gone from $2800 to over $4100 Canadian. Although better than a traditional at home wedding I'd still like to stay under $4000 if I can, and I know there will be extra things added on when I get there too! Any suggestions are appreciated. Wedding at Tulum Extra fabric on Structure is $90 (not necessary but looks gorgeous - maybe I could bring something with me instead?) Poolsi
  12. I'm also from Canada and we have a JP do our legal ceremony at home and our wedding in Mexico is symbolic, over $1500 cheaper and they can say the exact same things during a symbolic ceremony, you can even sign papers in front of everyone if you don't want anyone to know. Just an option!
  13. Me again I"m wondering for any past brides, what kind of a room upgrade did you receive? We will have our 2 kids with us and we are hoping for a room/suite with a bedroom so when our sitter is there at night the boys won't be disturbed and vice versa. the hotel knows we have the kids and the agent has put in some requests but i'm wondering if anyone has stayed at Tulum in a suite or something like it? Thanks ladies!
  14. Thanks gals, another question.... Can you have your regular included dinner and then have a private dance/reception with bar outside?
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