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  1. @abbyb very helpful! It sounds like an amazing time. I visited this place at the end of May. Lovely service !
  2. Addyb, Your idea to bring speakers sounds like an awesome way to save some money!!! I'd love to hear more details. How did you set the tone for the evening? Did you have someone orchestrate a first dance or have anyone deliver toasts? (I'm really clueless about these things)
  3. Hi Ladies, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Danielle & plan to marry at Bavaro Beach Resort in June of 2016. I'm excited to be on the way to placing a deposit on the date. I did a site visit from May 26th-31st. I truly loved this place. I checked out a few of the ceremony locations, unfortunately I didn't get to see the one I will probably be using! The beach is a bit crowded and the beach gazebo is in the middle of the family resort, essentially in the middle of a pool party. It's just a hop from the swim up bar, so any afternoon weddings will include your guests and dozens of onlookers. The dock was nice, but water sports will still go on during the ceremony. I'm looking for something a big more private so I'll probably opt for the garden. I'm sad I didn't get to see it! Anyway, right now I'm emailing with Laura. She suggested bar Higuey for the reception. I love that idea. I'm super excited but half stricken with guilt because of the social unrest in the country. I was searching for large properties within a certain price point for my guests and this place is perfect. Congrats !
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