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  1. I know I'm a little late to this thread but I'm about to start putting together my welcome bag and I wanted to use your template for the survival kit...how did you make your little wedding logo of the M+G?
  2. Hi! Congratulations on your recent wedding! How did it go? Can you provide some details & pictures from your wedding? I'm having a beach wedding at RPTB on October 10th at 4pm and am having a hard time finding info! Did you end up using Renova Spa for your hair/makeup? I've read some reviews about brides that had to take their hair down it was so bad so I'm sort of freaking out about using them but really don't want to pay the outside vendor fee. What did you do for your reception after the dinner? We are thinking we want to do a beach bonfire w/ their DJ but again, I can't find any reviews on the DJ they use. Did you use the bouquet that comes with the package? I've read that it wilts by dinner, is this true? Sorry for all the questions I look forward to hearing how your wedding went!
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