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  1. @@YvonneW They tried to give me a hard time about that. They did make me pay an entrance fee for the outside guest before we arrived. I had a contract that stated all outside guest were free the day of the wedding. So I didn't understand why I was being charged. They said it was because of 80/20 rule. I didn't have 80% of my guest staying at out hotel. So we had to pay for all outside guest. They made us pay it before our arrival. I had my travel agent talk it out with them and they ended up reimbursing me for it because the contract was not clear.
  2. @@Sweetness14 I'm sorry you haven't heard back from her. She's usually really good about getting back to people. She's probably real busy. Try PM'ing her on Facebook, that's how I contacted her.
  3. @@kat5849 I'm so sorry! I meant $400. Jajaja.... our package came out to like $7,000. That was pictured and video for 8 hours.
  4. @@kat5849 1. We used Sarani Photography/Videography. They are amazing and professional. She gave us a $4000 discount and an extra hour to make up for the cost of the outside vendor fee. Here's my pics and video... http://www.saraniphotography.com/portfolio/lybeth-ramon-beach-wedding-at-sensatori/ 2. We did a group excursion to Xcaret which is absolutely amazing. Make sure to stay for the night show. We used the excursion Kiosk near the exit at Sensatori. 3. We stayed 5 extra days after our wedding and did not switch hotels . Lastly, if your looking to rent decor or purchase
  5. @@Sweetness14 Sarani is an approved photographer/videographer for one of the other Karisma hotels but not Azul Sensatori. That being said I did pay an outside vendor fee. But Sarani helps you out in that area. She actually discounted us $400 off the package we chose and gave us an extra hour. I guarantee they are totally worth it!
  6. @@sarahjayne07 What? That's totally ridiculous! The nerve of those people. Maybe if Lomas was more reasonably priced people wouldn't be seeking out other companies to provide decor. I would contact an attorney and see what they say. Make sure you cover your back. I don't believe there's any way they can confiscate your decor. They can't prove you rented it from anyone. I used Love & Lace for our wedding in June 2016. When I was showing the wedding coordinator what I had and how I wanted it set up, she asked me if I rented any of these things because they do many weddings and have seen som
  7. @@Sweetness14 No problem, this site helped me so much. I got lanterns, tea light holders, string lights for the gazebo, Papel picado and sone other stufd for the tables. My package came with table candles holders but no flowers. I got my bridesmaids bouquets from Etsy.com and used those in a clear vase as center pieces. I also got from Katy maracas, fans and Don Julio bottles to use as escort cards. Were you able to check out my pictures and video. Sarani and her team were amazing. I can't say it enough. This was definitely the biggest expense of our wedding but it was so worth it. We coul
  8. @@Sweetness14 As far as decor, many brides use Katy. She lives in Playa del Carmen and rents out many items, she also sells items you can use for favors. She packs up everything nicely in a suite case and you meet up with her to pick up the items. That way you bring it into the hotel along with your stuff and you won't be charged and outside vendor fee. Here's the link for her info... https://www.facebook.com/loveandlacedecor/
  9. @@Sweetness14 I used Sarani and could not be happier. My video and pictures are right above your post. Check it out!
  10. Hey ladies! If your looking for a wedding photographer or video Grapher, look no further. We used Sarani Weddings and they were absolutely amazing. From beginning to end they were professional and paid attention to every detail. We could not be happier with their work. They are not Vendor approved by Azul Sensatori so you will have to pay the outside vendor fee but it's so worth it. Sarani also works with you on that matter, she gave us an extra hour to make up for the cost. Below is our video and pictures, they speak for themselves. http://www.saraniphotography.com/portfolio/lybeth-ramo
  11. @@KristynR We used Sarani Photography and Video. They were absolutely amazing! They paid attention to every detail and I didn't feel like they were in my face. Here's the link to my video and pictures. http://www.saraniphotography.com/portfolio/lybeth-ramon-beach-wedding-at-sensatori/
  12. @@jmp403 We got a voucher to present on arrival from our wedding coordinator for a room upgrade. But when we arrived they had already upgraded us to the room with the huge patio area. I think they upgrade almost all bridal couples. Haven't heard of anyone who wasn't upgraded.
  13. I'm here at Azul Sensatori. Our wedding was yesterday and was the most amazing day ever. Everything came out perfect. Ladies, I promise ever thing will work out. Don't panic! Can't wait to get back and share everything with you guys. :-)
  14. Thanks @@amyzig2! Rain? Oh no! My weather tracker says partly cloudy, partly sunny with only 25% chance for rain Saturday! Praying to those rain God's that they please cooperate.
  15. We're in Cancun at another hotel but arrive at Azul Sensatori tomorrow. We get married this Saturday the 25th. So excited! #RoMoFiesta2016
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