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    August 22, 2015
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    Runaway Bay, Jamaica
  1. Hi 1weddingirl, I'll be at Jewel Resort Runaway Bay. What about you?
  2. SashJAbride

    Any Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica Brides!?!

    Congratulations! I almost got married at Gran Bahia Principe, and they do have a REALLY good price point. It all depends on what you're looking for in your wedding. They seem to have multiple weddings in a day and since they're wedding Gazebo is the #1 pick for location, you end up having a time limit after which you need to make room for the next wedding. It's a large resort, but they try to make it as private as possible, and you get the option of having a semi-private reception afterwards. It was a bit challenging for me to work with their wedding department to get info at first, but once we spoke over the phone it was much easier. Ultimately I went with Jewel Runaway Bay, which is a short drive from Gran Bahia because the beach was an important factor for us (and this one has a much better beach), the resort was smaller which for me felt like it would lead to a more intimate experience, and they allow for customizations which sounded appealing and less cookie cutter. The price point at Jewel is also really good and they offer round trip airport transfers which was a nice add-on. Runaway Bay is great in general so you can't go wrong with that! Hope this helps!
  3. SashJAbride

    Has Anyone Heard About 876 Films In Jamaica?

    I'm getting married in August, and I'll be using Production Box: http://www.productionboxja.com/. Quality is solid, creativity is great, and their packages were more reasonable than others I checked out. They were also more responsive than most people, and even did a video call with me to make sure they had a sense of what I was looking for. I'd highly recommend adding to the list of options to check out!
  4. Thanks beckys98! We're actually having a part the night before that's indoors, so switching the two might be an option. My fiance wanted both ceremony and reception outdoors but possibly I can see how he feels about only one. He'll also be wearing a suit so it's moreso for him than for me!
  5. SashJAbride

    Best Wedding Locations

    Congrats! I chose Runaway Bay for my August wedding because the beaches are better than in Montego Bay, and there are a lot of attractions nearby in case guests want to venture out and see the island. Prices are also better here too in case you're on a budget. The resort I went with is Jewel Runaway Bay. They have other Jewel properties too, but I specifically wanted one that accommodated kids. The resort is gorgeous and I can't wait!
  6. SashJAbride

    Riu Montego Bay~ Florist?

    Hi Izzy Deee, I'm getting married in Jamaica in August and I went with Designs by Nishy, who is WAY cheaper than Tai Flora and really high quality. Here is her website http://www.designsbynishy.com/. Good luck!
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this thread, but it's a great one, so thanks for starting it! I'll be getting married in Runaway Bay Jamaica in August 2015. I've gotten through most of the smaller details, but can't decide between an outdoor location for the private reception or an indoor one. Anyone have an opinion on what they're doing or have done? Thanks!