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  1. Hi @@dreamweddings! I am in the process of picking out who will do my makeup and hair! so I was wondering about their spa services. I really don't want to pay a vendor fee to bring in an outside vendor, so I either want to go with their spa or go somewhere outside of the hotel. If anyone has gotten married at the Hyatt and has photos of their hair and make up done by their spa LMK!
  2. Hi ladies! Joining the party late! I've been on here on and off since last January. I'm getting married May 30th in PDC. Just wondering if anyone is getting/ Got married at the grand Hyatt playa del Carmen?!
  3. Hi all! I am also considering the DRC for my wedding! I haven't had much luck receiving group rates though. Did anyone get this info? Struggling to find a good rate for my guests.
  4. Hello previous Paradisus brides! I am in the process of HOPEFULLY reserving my date at the Paradisus very soon. My only concern is that I originally wanted to have a reception on the beach, but I know that this isn't an option for the Paradisus unless you rent out Gabi beach, which is so expensive. What was your experience with the venue options that they offer for non-adults only spaces? We won't be having our ceremony there, it will be in a chapel in PDC - so I really wanted to add the beach element to at least our reception! I am afraid that if we select one of the pool area options, that
  5. @@Matt Adcock here you are as always being so helpful! the cost for our wedding at PDC is turning out to be crazy expensive. So we are now ALSO looking into wedding married in Yucatan! My dad is moving there, so I am looking into options near where he will live. Have you ever been to Telchac? I know it is definitely nothing close to PDC, but it's an option!
  6. HI @@pddcmc omg! you're day looked like it was just a dream. I have been looking for a resort for a while now (getting married in a Catholic church makes it pricey and hard to find a resort). I am looking into the Dreams Rivera Cancun, but it seems like it may be on the pricier side for my guests. May I ask if you got a group rate and what the cost was for your guests? sorry if this has already been mentioned in this thread. Warmly, CB
  7. Thank you so much, @@Matt Adcock! She wrote this morning to let us know she is traveling in NY for an event, and that she should will write back when she gets back to her computer. Hope we can get that info soon! We are getting so nervous. Thank you for the good wishes and help!
  8. Hi @@Matt Adcock thanks for reaching out! I still haven't heard back. We even called, but Rocio was on the phone when we called - so yes! they're very busy. I wish they had the extra help to reach back out to us, because we really have our heart set on the Hyatt to complement our Xcaret ceremony! I will continue to be patient and start looking elsewhere next week. I do need to book my ceremony though! So I I need to hurry up and find a reception space, so we can put our deposit down at Xcaret!
  9. Has anyone else out there contacted the resort? Rocio was out recruiting, so she didn't send us the info right away. We have followed up a few times since she was supposed to get back but we still haven't heard back. I'm sure she is super busy, and I feel bad sending message after message to them but we really need to put our deposit for our ceremony down so i'm hoping to finalize picking a reception area soon! if anyone else has gotten the info and could PM it to me that would be AMAZING!
  10. Hi! I am planning my May 2016 wedding, and I reached out to Rocio to get info from her! She respond so fast to let us know that she will be out of the office recruiting, but will get us the info when she returns on Wednesday. I am crossing my fingers this is THE place after looking around for so long!
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