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  1. @RandL2015 I hear you about having stuff all over the place... I'm excited to have the space back again haha Ya I like the idea of doing a group excursion too! We gave the guests an option if they wanted to come with us on a Pirate Booze Cruise which I think will be really fun. We didn't have it in our budget to pay for everyone which sucks so we just asked people if it was something they wanted to do. Most people wanted to do the excursion so I did a group booking for everyone to make it a bit easier on them. But... I really like your idea about organizing some sort activity at the r
  2. Wow! @@RandL2015 Sounds like you are super organized and have everything together! I feel like I should start packing stuff up now too! My family is throwing us a joint wedding shower this weekend! We are down to 41 days until our wedding and 37 days until we leave for Mexico! Things are coming up so fast now that we are getting so much closer, but I haven't felt the stress yet... I feel like its coming though! List of things that I still need to do: - Finish program fans - print welcome letter - choose parent dance song - book group excursion - get marriage licence - pick up dre
  3. We are just going to use Spotify. We have upgraded to the premium version or whatever it is called so that the songs actually download to your device so you don't have to worry about wifi. There is also an option to fade between songs which works really well and you can move the songs around within the playlist so they are in the order that you want. It was really easy to put the playlists together too and didn't take much time at all. Hopefully it works well for the actual wedding! :S
  4. I'm having my wedding at Now Amber/Secrets in Puerto Vallarta this November. Their wedding packages include 25 guests (including bride & groom) and then of course you can add more guests for an extra cost per person. The resort is new (opened in 2012 I think) and from what I remember is very wheel chair accessible (elevators to every room, restaurant, and to the pool). They have different options for where you want to have your ceremony (beach, poolside, gazebo, lobby) as well as you are able to choose different locations for your cocktail hour and reception. They have indoor and outdo
  5. These look awesome! Thanks for the templates and all the info! I love the bags you used too!
  6. @@Wafflesmom Thanks for the Welcome! Ya we have been to Puerto Vallarta twice now. The first time we stayed close to the Malecon which was really nice, and the second time we stayed at Now Amber Resort and we fell in love! It also feels less stressful planning the wedding from so far away after already visiting the resort! I definitely feel more confident about my decisions of locations for the ceremony & reception and I know what to expect in terms of food (which is excellent). I definitely want to visit the other side of Mexico as well, but Puerto Vallarta is so much more afford
  7. Hi! I'm a BC bride too! Just joined the site looking for tips. Getting married on November 17, 2015 at Now Amber Resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico! Puerto Vallarta is a really great place for BC people to go to because of the direct flights!
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