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  1. I'm working directly with the resort coordinator so far... what do you need help with?
  2. Thanks! I chose Secrets The Vine out of all Secrets mainly because it's the newest and right at the center of Cancun. It's not the biggest property, but I like the convenience and the style of the resort -- modern (I went there for a site visit). I also feel the resort attracts more young couples as oppose to elder people. I can provide more info if you are interested in The Vine. I hope you find the perfect one!
  3. 3 days, 3 locations and 4 outfits. Truly unforgettable experience and magnificent photos. Photographer: Mike Wu
  4. Me! I wonder who else?! Need some planning friends out there! I am getting married at Secrets The Vine in April 2016!
  5. Hello My Save The Date is ready! I love the design and just want to share it with you. Quick info about myself. I am a 2016 bride who will have my wedding at Secrets The Vine Cancun. Originally I wanted to include photos on my STD, but my pre-wedding shoot is in September and I am not sure when I will received the edited photos... Wedding is in April, so I needed to get those out asap. I like my STD to be fun and special and luckily I found the one! I printed them as postcard magnets from Vistaprint. Cannot wait for them to arrive!
  6. Thank you all for your input! Just want to give an update that I decided to go with....Secrets The Vine! Funny how it's not even on my original list! I went site visits to Beach Palace, Sun Palace, Me Cancun, Fiesta Americana Condesa, Live Aqua and Secrets The Vine. Didn't go to Iberostar because I didn't hear from them... Each resort has their own style and vibe. Since I was looking for more modern, new, luxury and fun environment for the wedding, Secrets The Vine really fits in the category. Like said, every other resort I visited is great. My second pick would be Live Aqua. Very similar feeling to Secrets. If you are deciding on any of the resorts I visited and want some info, I will be happy to provide! Happy planning everyone!
  7. Hi all brides to be! I am very excited that I am going to have a destination wedding. I just love the beach at Cancun after the visit last summer. Ocean water is just unreal...it's the most beautiful beach I've seen so far. As you all know, planning is a long and tedious process and I am already being indecisive on the resorts. I have few resorts in mind and I would like to hear your opinions. Whether you heard, been or had a wedding at those resorts, please provide some insights! I would like to have the ceremony on a terrace, gazebo or lawn (just not on the beach) with estimated guests 25-30. I haven't been to any of these resorts only done research. 1. Iberostar Cancun I know this is a big resorts and has a lot of amenities. The room cost is reasonable. However, the hotel seems older? Also, I NEED WEDDING CONTACT for this hotel. I emailed them for the wedding detail and got no response. Brides, please provide if you have their contact! 2. Beach Palace This is the smallest and most expensive of the 4 resorts. Looks like a lot of people had/are going to have their weddings hold here. The sky terrace just looks amazing. 3. ME Cancun I actually couldn't find a lot of wedding information online for this resort. Is there a reason why people don't have their weddings here? Hotel looks modern and nice. I got wedding information from their sales agent and the wedding package looks reasonable. 4. Fiesta Americana Condesa This looks like a big resort too, very comparable to Iberostar. One thing concerns me is their food...they don't look like they have Asian restaurant onsite? Majority of my group, including me and my fiance are Asian, and it may be a problem if they don't serve Asian food at all . We are planning to do a site visit in June. I would like to narrow down to 2 or 3 and really take a look. Please help!! If you happen to have pictures/info please send to me at kuolingchung@yahoo.com. Thank you all!
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