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    Yeah I noticed i needed 150 posts to view some attachments yesterday. I really wanted to see those attachments... What a bummer. We all better start posting more
  2. Alright ladies, I've been scouring this web site for weeks now and i have finally chosen my top 3 resorts. Thanks for all of your help! But now, I'm trying to find a good TA that will help me get good deals for my guests. The only issue is that my guests will be coming in from both the US and Canada, roughly 20 from Toronto Canada area, and roughly 30 from the Houston USA area. I have contacted a Canadian TA who has told me she can deal with both BUT she has to use two different travel tours. I understand. Just worrying that she may not be able to get the best of deals for both sides. My question is, do you guys suggest I use two DIFFERENT agents? One that will deal with the Canadian side and then one that will deal with the US side? I want my guests to get the best deals. But I also would like it if I could just have one TA. That way everything is more organized, and the more people I bring through one TA, the best deals i can get with the hotel right? Has anyone dealt with this before/currently? Can someone recommend their TA that has dealt with this? My brain is mush right now, sorry if this doesn't make sense lol HAAAALP!
  3. @ Would you recommend me your TA? If so, I would like to ask her a few q's. I have been talking to another TA that hasn't been answering me much... thanks a million!
  4. @@CaroV , I am LITERALLY in the same boat as you, I will definitely be following this thread. Our priorities are exactly the same and we also have people flying in from all over the world. I am also torn between Palace and Dreams, with Dreams being my number one choice. I love Dreams but I think it might be out of some our guests' budgets. Especially since they are coming in from not just the US and Canada! Good luck to us all! lol
  5. @ Thanks for letting me know We are planning for May 2016. We are hoping that by the wedding being in May and so far from now, our TA will be able to secure a good deal under $1500. Did you go with a TA yourself?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm just beginning my search... Just curious as to what the average wedding at BP is costing some of you guys. Is a budget of $10-15,000 actually reasonable for this resort? HELP! lol I'm planning very simple wedding, but a wedding that everyone will have fun at. Not really interested in having amazing decorations or anything like that. Any Canadian brides flying out of Toronto? How much on average are your guests paying? We also have guests flying out of Houston...average cost anyone? Would like to compare with my TA's quotes!!!