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  1. Hello! My wedding planner said i could have up to 20 people at the rehearsal dinner that we are hosting in the steakhouse. Any party bigger than 20 people we would have to book a private dinner with a perperson cost as well as a prefixed menu. Luckily I'm not having more than 20 guests at my rehearsal dinner, only my wedding party as well as both immediate family. The only advice i can maybe give is to pick a restaurant and tell your guests to make a reservation the same time at the time they check in and then maybe ask that the tables be next to each other. Even then I'm not sure that would work. Ask your wc. As for the welcome drinks... I made a wedding website with an itinerary of the time leading up to the wedding as well as wedding plans so all the guests know whats going on and where the party is lol. My fiance and I are looking into the bars at the resort and are going to pick a bar we like and telling our guests to meet at a time. We are getting a bit aggravated that everytime we want to do something with our guests we have to pay an extra charge so we are trying to get around it lol. Happy Planning!
  2. Hello ladies! My fiance and i just put the deposit down and booked our date! We are getting married November 7, 2015, our WC just sent us the pricing list for the centerpieces and stuff. My fiance and i refuse to pay that much for centerpieces, with that being said would you mind letting me know more information about your florist friend?
  3. Hello Ladies, My fiance and I are trying to decide which hotel to choose for our wedding. We've been looking through the forum but we haven't found anything recent about Majestic Colonial resort. Can anyone help? We need a chapel and these are the only two hotels we found with chapels. Also, we read that both hotel demand a fee to have an outside photographer... is there any way we can get out of that? it just seems ridiculous to pay to have our own. thank you and happy planning, Sarah
  4. Hello Everyone! I recently got engaged and my fiance and I are looking to have our wedding in DR. Its easy to say that we are feeling a little overwhelmed...Any suggestions on wedding planners or where to start? We really wanted our wedding to be in Punta Cana, should we get a wedding planner or just go with the wedding coordinator at the hotel of our choosing? Thank you
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