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  1. Actually I have one other question. Adriana has said the cost of the Apostille is $270USD. Is that just for a seal?? I've seen on other websites say that the fee includes translation to English and an extra certificate: http://www.weddingsbylomastravel.com/requirements/ Does anyone know because I'm feeing confused!
  2. Hi all. We're having the legal ceremony. Is the ceremony performed in English or Spanish? I wasn't sure because my paperwork mentions paying for optional translation fees.
  3. Hi @@nkavanaugh Congrats! We're getting married on 19 April 2016. I've been talking to one of the wedding coordinators, Adriana, for a couple of months now and she's been very helpful and always answered my questions. Sometimes I hear back from her within a day, sometimes a few days. But not had a problem so far! Cat Got a question for everyone... I've been thinking about this... What have people done in the past or planning to do about paying for the extras while at the resort, including photographer? Just been wondering because we'll have to take a lot of pesos and US do
  4. @@yycbride2016, oh wow you have to get your guests booked quite early! I guess it's different depending on where you book the wedding. How many guests do you need as a minimum? @@calgarybride2015 is right. The best thing to do is to get on their case and send them lots of reminders! I did not think that teal would be a difficult colour to find. I'm not bothering with bridesmaids - one reason why we decided to get married abroad! Good luck though! Do you have any idea yet what you want for your wedding dress? xx
  5. @@yycbride2016 thanks for the reply! We will probably end up upgrading a few things, which seems cheaper as you've said! I doubt we will have anywhere near enough guests to have a private ceremony and reception, I doubt there'll be more than 10 people!!! Anyway we shall see what happens! I'm just fretting about finding a dress at the moment! Hope all you're planning is going well
  6. I never got a notification for this! Thanks @@krystalball I've got the price lists now, so relieved about that! Happy planning!
  7. Hello! I've been reading back through the thread (got to September 2014). I wanted to know if anyone had the non-private reception in the a la carte restaurant and how you found it?
  8. I think I can email the wedding department - think I've got the email address about. I was told by my travel agency to avoid trying to arrange things too soon with the wedding co-ordinator as they'll probably forget! I'll try to email them to see they can send me a price list of extras then. I'll send you a private message now. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for your reply! I'll have a look through the main thread and your review. I've read quite a bit of your planning thread already which was helpful! If you could email me the price list, that would be great. I'm hoping I'm not looking into this a bit too early, as I don't want to go into panic mode about prices! By the way, how do you email me?!
  10. Hi ladies! We've booked our wedding at the Grand Sirenis for 19/04/2016 (I like to plan ahead!)! We booked the silver package with Thomson, mainly because we didn't expect many people to want to travel to Mexico for our wedding! Just curious to know if anyone else has booked this package or had their wedding already and they had the silver package, just to find out what it was like. I have no idea what extras I need to pay for and how much they are. My wedding co-ordinator isn't meant to be in touch for another 9 months! I've read a few threads on here, but they mostly sound like the
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