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  1. Hi all! Just got back from our unbelievable wedding! I will give a few review later but I am happy to answer any questions!!
  2. I am having a hard time understanding exactly the documents I need for the legal wedding. I have our certified copied of birth certificates and know I need to get these translated into spanish. Do I get it translated at the dominican consulate? I also know that I need a single status affadavid signed before a notary and translated into spanish. Do I need to create this document myself or where can I find it? Then I saw something about needing an apostille. Does anyone know anything about this! HELP
  3. @@Jc14 my ceremony is at 5, then private reception at either el arrefice or el bohio from 6-11. We are having the ceremony of the beach so immediately following the ceremony, we will do a group shot on the beach then champagne toast. The guests will be taken to the reception site while we take pictures. We were able to extend the time of the DJ to 5 hours instead of 4 hours for an additional 200 dollars. You could direct everyone to go to the Hemingway bar during the downtime (it is air conditioned and serves more name brand liquor store). For anyone doing the private reception, Carol
  4. @@Meandhim Oh wow, I am glad to hear it is DJ Mannia. I read a lot of great reviews, so that makes me feel better! I actually emailed them for prices just in case I decided to use someone else. @@dreia85 I am also worried about the hair and makeup at the spa, but I feel hopeful since I will have a trial. They are listed as mac makeup artists, so at least I know they are trained. A recommendation if your straight hair may not hold well is to buy some hair extensions/pieces to help your hair look more full if your hair goes flat. Is anyone using the photographer from the hotel? Any
  5. I am glad to know that there is an option for having a welcome-type reception at the buffet. I think I am going to inquire about this. I was trying to think of the best way to get everyone together and this is a really great option! Are they charging you extra to do this? I am currently torn about what kind of music to have play during the ceremony. I like the idea of having the musical trio play during the ceremony, but I am nervous about my choices of music. Has anyone heard anything about their DJ? I am choosing the DJ for my reception, but again, I am nervous about whether I
  6. @@Meandhim I have chosen the ocean pearl package. it seemed to have everything I needed but I am adding on the private reception since we are having so many people. I guess we find out if the reception will be help at the arricife or el bohio when we get there. @@dreia85 my e-mail is zaudkewedding@@gmail.com Thank you!
  7. @@Joanna banana They are from nordstroms. Eliza J us the designer. She has so many great dresses!
  8. Here is what I have chosen as my bridesmaid dresses! I am so excited I found them and they look great on all body types. I wanted a pink dress, but I could not find the right color pink. This is just perfect
  9. @@dreia85 Could you also send me the documents for the welcome gifts? I am almost positive i will be making welcome bags but I am curious what the resort has to offer. As for reserving a table at one of the restaurants, did they happen to tell you a guest limit? I would love to have everyone eat at the hibachi together one night but I did not logistically think it could happen. I will be getting my hair and makeup done at the spa there. Luckily, as part of the wedding package, I get a trial which will help ease a lot of my nerves. I am getting so excited and everything is start
  10. @@Jc14 Yes, $135.00 for both hair and makeup. Carolina said that you have to book through the wedding department though. I have to get back in touch with her because I read on the Spa website that if you book before your trip, you get 15% off, so I am not sure if you are able to apply that to the $135.00 price.
  11. @@Jc14 sorry I forgot to put the pricing. It's 135.00 for hair and makeup. I would love to see some pictures too if anyone has them. I am really trying to avoid getting hair and makeup trials done but I am a bit nervous. And as for the private reception, I can understand the cost for the open bar since we are having it at the location they have the lunch buffet and they do not have a bar there. I guess the cost is to cover having a bartender and staff, ect.
  12. @@Jc14 Carolina got back to me about the spa. There is a special pricing for brides and bridesmaids which is for hair and makeup. You have to set the appointments through the wedding department in order to get the special price. I know the Italian, steakhouse, hibachi and brizailIan restaurants have bars by their entrances. I am having a private reception so I can understand the extra cost for me, but I agree it is silly. How have people been figures out extras, costs, ect? Carolina sent me blank form for descriptions and pictures of whay i want but I don't know how much I am suppose
  13. @@Jc14 i sent Carolina an e-mail asking about spa discounts. Once I get a response, I will let you know!
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