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  1. My wedding went pretty smooth for the most part. Actual wedding was good, chapel was simple and beautiful on it's own. Margari was my WC and she made things smooth when we had our bumps. Wedding reception went by too fast but we plan on having a large party here at home so we'll get to party more. The hiccups actually came with the hotel side. Sadly we were very disappointed that we constantly had to stay on top of EVERY thing. When you have family traveling from Nigeria....this was the last thing I should have dealt with. - Hotel said we got our up grade. Sweet.....not really. When we got to the room, it wasn't the upgrade. Took us an hour with multiple people to sort this out but we finally got it. - Dinner reservations - were messed up multiple time with us and a few of our guests. - Room wasn't cleaned the day of the wedding - When we got back to the room it was still messy and we had to do a quick make over ourselves before the pictures. - Salon - They didn't speak much English so due to lack of communication we ended up 20 min behind and super rushed for pictures and getting everyone to the chapel. Make up was a heavy from one of the ladies...another lady did fine. Everyone like their hair though. - We didn't get our champagne or roses the night of the wedding. Another thing we had to complain about to the desk. - Belle hops never showed up to our parents room after calling several times so we had to help them. - Internet was very spotty - we got it discounted after complaining Good - Margari was easy to work with and things were decorated like I had wanted - Everyone liked the food. Fish/Beef and creme brulee - Cake was good. Chocolate on chocolate....how could you go wrong. It was whipped icing....which was perfect! we had way too much though for 25 guests. - Cigar roller - very entertaining and we spent a lot of time out there with him so not much dancing was had since we had an hour for dinner, and an hour for cigar roller..... - We were in a ball room on the Adults only side and we had a portable speaker that we used....worked perfect. - Flowers were beautiful - all bouquets and centerpieces looked like was shown and discussed. I upgraded on two centerpieces. - Massages the day after for the two of us....fabulous I can't wait for the pictures to come back....one of my friends did our pictures so we saved money there too. We didn't have any push back from bringing in our own things. Everyone overall enjoyed themselves and didn't know all the hiccups we had. Which is how I wanted it for them. Now....time to enjoy my marriage and get this family started!
  2. @AddyB thanks for the feedback. We are trying to keep the budget low so I like the idea you had about bringing your own speaker! Right now we just had the sound system booked for us but we may rethink that idea. Thanks! Did you give them a design for your wedding cake by chance and if so, did they charge you extra?
  3. Has anyone priced out a dinner cruise? If we have to pay for a dinner we were looking at pricing that out for rehearsal dinner but I've not had any response back for it. I'm working with Margari and things have gone smooth. I'm 45 days out and pretty much done with everything but I was never really stressed about things since we're keeping it simple.
  4. I've been going back and forth with my WC for the pricing. We are going for a simple look to begin with and my fiance refuses to pay those prices. So we are trying to get the $60-$80 ones closer to $30. We'll see how that works. Just remember what you're there for. Tablescape.pdf
  5. @@AddyB my date is July 31. I'm just now getting started with my WC Margari. She's pretty quick on response so far but can't answer my catholic ceremony questions. I have to go directly through the parish contact. One note to remember....everything is negotiable with them! It's a part of their culture.
  6. Hey Ladies I've been following this for some time now. I'm getting married in July and need to know if anyone has had a full service Catholic wedding there. For my in-laws this is a must and can't be skipped on. I don't care so much about the reception part. Any help and info would be great. We met with our priest here for paperwork and told us how the layout should go but knowing someone else's experience would be great. Thanks!
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