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  1. @@vancouverpetunia thank you! i just got done looked through your thread so far! it looks beautiful! and planning gifts for other people is definitely difficult. Because i'm letting my girls pick their own dresses, I've put off buying jewelry for them until pick what they're wearing. When do you get your custom dress?
  2. Hello to whoever is still reading this thing! I know I've been gone forever.......I actually ended up taking a new job and moving halfway across the country! And once we got to our new state, we ended up in a not-very-great apartment (which we had to rent without seeing first due to the short notice about the new job), so rather than waiting to house hunt after a year of getting to know the city, we hastened the timeline. We found a fantastic little house, and we're closing on it at the end of january. My time for the past 4 months have been spent packing, moving, starting a new job, house hunting, and now packing again! So here i am....three months out from my wedding, and I have done almost nothing by way of planning. and because we bought a house much sooner than expected, most of my "wedding fund" has turned into a house down payment. OOPS. I've had to really rethink the wedding and figure out where I can save some money.....so here is the status: 1. Guests---We've had several people drop out, and final hotel payments are due in 3 weeks. Right now, we're at a 46 head count (not including bride and groom). I'm waiting to finalize the seating chart until after final payments, but I'm going to go ahead and start creating place cards. Which leads to the next point! 2. Table Settings (other than sweetheart table)-----Bear with me on this, because i don't have an exact picture to show you. I started out with two inspiration photos: To save some money, I'll be using the standard white table cloths and chairs from the resort. I bought some fantastic fabric that matches my lighter blue color, which I am making into large table runners (similar to the first photo). For the centerpieces, I'm going to use one bouquet of white and light pink flowers in a copper/rose gold vase, with mismatched rose gold votive candles around it. For table numbers, I'm going to buy plain wooden ones from a craft store and paint them navy. I'll post photos once I finish. Finally, each place setting at the table will have a thank you card (to be DIY'd) and a place card. I just bought these adorable sea urchin on Etsy, and i'll print out the name cards with navy font. 3. Favors: We initially planned on doing an elaborate welcome bag, but this is one area where I am really cutting back. We're skipping welcome bags entirely. The thank you note will be at everyone's seat, and we decided to do a simple favor. The welcome table at the reception will have a framed seating chart (TBD), and beer bottles with customized magnetic bottle openers tied around the neck (easy to pack!). The picture on the bottle opener will be the same logo as our Save the Dates. We ordered them today, so I'll let you know how they turn out! So anyway, that's really the only progress to report. Here's what's on my to-do list right now: 1. Reserve salon appointments for bridal party 2. Create seating chart (after final payments) 3. Bottle opener favors (ordered 1/3/16) 4. Thank you cards for table settings 5. Print place cards to go with sea urchin 6. Purchase and paint table numbers 7. Sweetheart table Mr. & Mrs. sign 8. Sew table runners from fabric 9. Purchase robe for getting ready 10. Shoes, jewelry, hair accessories for leigh 11. Gifts for bridesmaids (jewelry to go with pouches) 12. Gifts for groomsmen (Sperry shoes--half ordered 1/3/16) 13. Gifts for parents (???) 14. Purchase casual white dress for next day family photos 15. Create music playlist 16. Reserve music sound system 17. Purchase and paint vases for centerpieces 18. Purchase candle holders for centerpieces 19. Purchase flameless candles 20. Create ceremony garland backdrop 21. Purchase makeup for leigh 22. Create cards for bride/groom pre-ceremony letters 23. Purchase wraps for mothers/bride 24. Purchase/create fans for ceremony If anyone has brilliant gift ideas for parents, I am all ears! Oh yeah! As some of you may remember, we actually picked a photographer in Boston, rather than Mexico. Well, we don't live there anymore! We ended up having to fly back to Boston about a month after we moved away to proceed with our scheduled engagement photos. It ended up being a great way to say goodbye to the city where we had lived for 7 years. If anyone were to ask where we became "us", I would say Boston. We moved across the country together, not knowing anyone. We struggled without that safety net, but we're so much stronger now because of it. Here are a few of the photos!
  3. I'm getting married at El Dorado Seaside Suites, and part of the reason we picked it was because it was a smaller resort and good for couples. 380 rooms. The beach is definitely on the small side, though.
  4. Invitations: so i think i mentioned before that I'm not very crafty when it comes to paper goods. I'm really going to try some DIY things for things like menus, welcome letters, placecards, etc. But for the save the dates and invitations, I figured I should probably leave it to a professional..... I just ordered these yesterday, and I'm so excited about them! This is just a mock-up, we requested custom colors. Here it is just adding our information to the mock-up: As a reminder, here's our color palette: I've asked them to make the background color match the light tan (far left on the palette), and have the blue drops match our light blue color (middle of palette). The foil drops color will stay the same. There's more information on the back regarding cocktail hour, reception, etc. Once I get the proof in our actual colors, I'll post that as well. I don't plan on sending them out for another couple months, but I just want to get the easy stuff checked off the list!
  5. Sorry I've been so MIA. Work just exploded for me. (i should probably be working right now, but oh well). This is part of the reason I want to plan as much as possible early on. Who knows what work will be like in the month or two before the wedding! Anyway.....on to more planning things: Guests (with a smidge of drama): 21 of the 35-ish guest rooms have a deposit down, and we've had only a few people give a definite "no." We'll see who pays in full in a few months. The way we arranged it was that we were inviting 64 people, which grew to 68. Two of the extra folks were my photographers, two were a couple we invited more as a symbolic gesture (we knew they weren't going to come). we also added my aunt and uncle last minute. For the most part, our families have been very understanding of the fact that we're having a destination wedding, and that we are planning on keeping it very small. Everyone seemed on board with it. Then, about a month after we pick a resort and a date, I get an email from my mom. She had been kicking around the idea of trying to plan a family vacation combining her children (me and my siblings) with her husband's children. She doesn't think they can afford to do both, so she asks me if it would be ok if her husband's children (and their families) come along. This leaves me with a few options: 1) say ok, which would effectively add a minimum of 10 guests to my wedding because they are married with children; 2) say ok, but they can't attend the wedding events; or 3) say no. I went with option 3. And i felt awful about it. I couldn't afford that many additional guests, but I thought it would be really weird to have them hanging around the resort without actually being a part of the wedding. Not to mention the fact that my parents are divorced, and I'm sure that would make my dad uncomfortable. I've only met them a couple times, so it would be a little weird for me as well. And finally, I was a little disappointed that my mom was essentially saying that my wedding (and the possibility of spending time with her children) was inconveniencing her time with her step children. That's a bit of a juvenile feeling, but there it is. To her credit, after I said no she dropped it. I'm just a bit annoyed she put me in the position of having to say no in the first place. So that was early on, and I thought the guest list drama had passed. Then, THE DAY I SEND OUT THE SAVE THE DATES, I call my dad briefly on an unrelated topic, and I casually mention that the save the dates are in the mail. He asks, "are you inviting my sister and her husband?" I tell him no, that due to the space limits for the ceremony space, I didn't invite any of my parents' siblings. And then, in the tone only a dad can use, he tells me, "well.......that's your choice....." Now, I know you guys don't know me, but I am a total daddy's girl. My dad and I lived alone together for many years. I've heard him use a disappointed tone with me less than 5 times in my entire life. I caved IMMEDIATELY. I went home, contritely explained the situation to my fiance, who wanted me to stay firm on our guest list, but I sent my aunt a save the date anyway. Luckily, I found out recently that they will not be attending, which is good for our budget, but also because I don't have to have an awkward conversation with my mom about why I didn't invite her siblings as well. So everything worked out, and almost all of the important folks have put deposits down. I would love to think that's the last of the guest list drama, but after reading through all of your threads, I know that's just wishful thinking
  6. All, I just need to take a moment......the US Supreme Court just ruled in favor of marriage equality in every state. Mr. and I have been together for over 9 years now. I never had any doubt that our relationship was forever. Having a piece of paper saying we're married wasn't going to change our love or commitment to one another. But even so, getting married was important to me. It was a declaration to everyone--our friends, our family, our future children, even the government--that we were a unit. It breaks my heart to think that some of my dear friends weren't able to make that declaration. UNTIL TODAY. I know some states are going to fight it tooth and nail, but I'm just going to take a moment to be happy and to celebrate with my friends. happy wedding planning to everyone
  7. @@Wafflesmom ooooh. I forgot about 6pm!! I'll have to check it out. It's probably one of those things where if I feel the need to ask if it's too much, it probably is I'm annoyed right now because I have so many decor ideas I want to get down before I forget them......but, as it is wont to do, work really got in the way this week, and it's going to end up being a long post that will take some time and energy. Why can't they just give me my paycheck and let me spend all day on this site???
  8. @@TinkerSofi @@yycbride2016 Thanks you!! I must admit that I still have second thoughts about the dress sometimes. Shouldn't I love it on the hanger? but it really does have everything I was looking for, and I think once I see it with the hair, and shoes and makeup, I won't be able to imagine wearing anything else. As an aside, the frankenstein dress I was originally considering was from Truvelle, a canadian designer. If anyone is still looking for a dress, her stuff is beautifully simple, light, and flattering. Dear god, so flattering. Speaking of the "bridal look"....am I crazy to think about spending $150+ on a pair of sandals??? https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/162219451/something-blue-sole-wedding-shoes?ref=hp_mod_rf I kind of love them. I realize a lot of you are from Canada and might have different options, but where are you finding your shoes?
  9. Ooof. things got a little hectic with work this weekend, but I plan to do another posting tonight re: adventures in centerpieces (which Mr. keeps telling me is too early to think about because we don't know how many tables we'll need yet until our guests have all booked, but I want to be ready to hit the ground running when they do!!) As an aside, I've already started to get the smiling eye rolls because every time he asks me what I'm doing on my computer, I say "wedding stuff." I'M A PLANNER. I LIKE TO BE WELL-INFORMED.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words! I can't even tell you how many hours I've spent on this website follow other people as they plan their weddings, so I'm really excited to share as well. @@vancouverpetunia @@acw271011 The zip pouches are from Lilly Pulitzer. I believe there was one more color option....I may end up exchanging one of them that I have now for the third color so each girl has a different design. They also had makeup bags (smaller, but open wider) that come in a ton of patterns. @@krystalball Ok, this is starting to get weird! haha. My sister's baby will be about 8 months by the time of my wedding, but it's an adults-only resort. I asked her if I should pick somewhere her kids could come, and she essentially said "hell no! I'm going to have 3 kids, and mama's gonna need a vacation!"
  11. Bridal Party and Attire: I feel like I go very back and forth on this. The Mr. and I decided on 3 attendants each. I only wanted one or two, but he was having a hard time deciding, and wanted 4. I thought, based on the pier location and the number of guests, that 4 just seemed like too many. We compromised on 3. I chose my sister, future SIL, and a good friend from grad school. He chose his BIL, and two good friends. We're having my brother officiate, which I'm super excited about. I have always really enjoyed weddings where the officiant really knew the person, and my brother is just about perfect for it--he clearly knows us both, he's a very good public speaker, he's very funny, and (importantly) he's sober! honestly, I did worry when Mr. suggested that his good friend do it for that reason. 4:00 gives people a lot of time to get drunk when it's all-inclusive. I really hope that my brother make it a good mix of serious, because it is my wedding, but not TOO serious, if that makes sense. We're not religious, so I've been looking online and in our favorite books to find some good quotes/readings that we can use. My good friend and bridesmaid just got married and used The Irrational Season by Madeline L'Engel (spelling that from memory!) It was one of the options on my list, but I don't want to repeat hers, so I'm still on the hunt. As far as what they're wearing, I told my girls that they can choose their own dress, but to try to keep it in the color family of either the light blue or navy from my color palette. (I also offered to help them look, since I didn't want the ENTIRE burden to fall on them). I think, because I have 3 of them, there's really no way this can go wrong. Say, e.g., only one picks navy...I can just have that one stand in the middle! With an odd number, it will always look like it's on purpose. Even if they each pick a different shade of light blue, I think it could still look good. I was actually very inspired by this photo: So, i'm hoping that all works out. The girls seem enthusiastic about picking something that will look good on them as individuals. My sister is VERY pregnant right now with baby #3, so she says she's using the wedding as her "get back in shape" motivation. As far as groomsmen, I can't decide on their outfits! I figured we'd tell them just a white button down, and either navy or khaki pants (I lean toward khaki, but Mr. likes the idea of navy). Unlike the bridesmaids, I would prefer they all have the same color, whichever we land on. We'll likely gift them a tie and/or shoes to go with. Oh! and on the topic of bridesmaids, I've been starting to think about what gifts I want to get them. I had planned on buying their jewelry and maybe shoes......and then while looking at one of my favorite stores, I found these gorgeous beach-themed pouches! They're big enough to be a clutch, or makeup bag, or whatever. I figured I could get these, and then put whatever jewelry or other gifts inside them. I got two of each color shown (they're a bit more vibrant in person)......
  12. @@JamaicaNicole It's the Persiphone by Wtoo, in ivory. The skirt underneath the tulle is a very pretty champagne color. (and if you're interested, I think BHLDN just moved it to the sale section!)
  13. Photographer: I had initially planned on asking one of my good friends to take pictures for us. She's not a professional, but has a good camera and an artistic eye. Because of that, I really wanted to get some good engagement photos. Neither the Mr. or I really like having our photo taken, so my main criteria were: 1) reasonably priced; and 2) going to take beautiful pictures of the city that we live in--that we just happen to be in the middle of. Almost everyone in my office is married, so I asked around for some names. We found Christian and his wife Melissa. http://www.christianplevaimages.com/boston-photographer-blog/ I was instantly comfortable with them--their style, demeanor, everything. When we went in to discuss our engagement photos, they had just gotten back from shooting a wedding in mexico! as those photos were showing in a slideshow while we talked, i kept getting distracted with how perfect they were. I decided that my wedding photographer is not somewhere I want to save money. The photos are the one part of the day that will last forever (except hopefully my marriage!). After some negotiation, they gave us an amazing deal. So we'll be flying them down to Mexico with us. Rather than pay the $800 vendor fee, we're having them stay 3 nights. Hopefully, we'll have enough people book in our room block to earn a "free room" that we can use for them. Now i just have to figure out where I can cut enough costs to pay for their flights
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