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    2015 Iberostar Rose Hall Suite Bride

    Beckys98- the same thing happened to me with sending an email wanting verification of our marriage documents. They didn't reply after two weeks so I forwarded them the message again and included Loreto. They replied within the day. My wedding is in a few weeks so I was getting nervous.
  2. Beachlight

    2015 Iberostar Rose Hall Suite Bride

    Thank you both so much for all the information! I'm glad to hear the communication with the wedding coordinators gets better. Once you've booked, who is that you communicate with? Is it still Loreto? Beckys98: since you're getting married the same month I am, what restaurants have you chosen for your rehearsal and reception dinners and why? I would love to do the steakhouse on the beach, I'm sure it's a gorgeous sunset, but I'm worried about the casual dress code and atmosphere being a little too casual. We have such a small wedding party so there will be many other hotel guest there with us. Have you asked the wedding planners what exactly they mean by semi-private?
  3. Beachlight

    2015 Iberostar Rose Hall Suite Bride

    Hi, new to this site and I'm planning a wedding for June 2015 (very short planning period). Some of you are booking outside photographers but my contract says I can't. How are you getting around that? I just signed my contract this week. I'm nervous about using digipix..... They don't have much to display on their website. Does anyone know if they're any good? Also, does anyone have a copy of the final checklist? I just want to know what I should be thinking about. I'm having a very small wedding - 15 people max. I'm wanting to book all of our dinner reservations before going. According to the hotel website, you get 4 dinner reservations for a seven night stay. Does anyone know if the reception dinner is included in that four? Thanks for all of your posts.... It has been so helpful since Loreto is horrible at communication. I've seen other brides post about doing wish lanterns and I'd love to do that. Has anyone asked if this is still okay? Thanks!