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  1. hi ! actually, i have nothing but praises for the DJ, and the music /sound was really good! i actually have to say, that nothing struck out of the ordinary !
  2. hi, thank you so much J no rehearsals, i was just so anticipating seeing my guys up there, my mind was numb and i cried all the way down the aisle lol, i even messed up taking the (don’t know in English) but the round thing that melts in your mouth and sticks to your pallet, i just took it, didn’t place my hands lol , but you can go to the chapel beforehand and go see and do a practice run! i would if liked a little more prep for this, but the priest guides you along,
  3. hi everyone, well we are back! wow that a resort, i can’t believe how many weddings we saw! There must of been one every day and we were there 2 weeks !!!! crazy ! these girls are just plain awesome, and no worries about details, cause once there you go over everything anyway, we had our party at the health bar, and it was just perfect! cozy and fun, we even dances with the coordinators and the dj lol , They are with you every step of the way and will do anything to make your day go as best it can! , i dont have the pics for the photographer yet but i got a couple form the peo
  4. well we are leaving in 2 days! i cant believe its finally here ! im such a nervous wreck and were getting a snow storm tomorrow, anyway, so we are going for hair-makeup at 1pm, ceremony is at 4pm, then toast- plus cocktail hour added so we can go take pictures, having the super at the steak house at 6:30, then having the dancing and party at the health bar, it was supposed to be at the beach bar, but there was a mix up and long story short, it will be at the health bar from 8:30-10:30 ! don’t worry, and ask away all the questions, im pretty sure i made a couple of people go nuts
  5. wow its been so quiet here ! we in a week ill be heading for the airport ! im so excited, overwhelmed and tired all at the same time.. anyone know how the spa works? meaning, do you pay at the spa? do you pay cash, or by credit card if its cash, is it charged in pesos or in cad or in us? ive been trying to get an answer from my coordinator, but its not clear and were trying to finalize what will be paid where here... if anyone has any insight !! thanks viviane
  6. ok my friends ! im about all set up here! wow what am i doing to do with all my time now that this is mostly figured out !!!! i was able to find a referenced photographer from friends, who agreed to go to our resort for a 4 day vacation, and not charge us for the 6 hours of photos she will take !!!! i am so ecstatic, i had found nothing under 2000$ Canadian for photographers with the vendor fees and other fees., now ill pay 1200$ cad, and im all set ! ok, i almost killed my future husband with this but... i can’t get passed the fact that its moments we will have forever, i
  7. ho non i didn't change anything, im just feeling nervous about returning the document since there are so many implications...
  8. has anyone asked to change something in the private contract of service, its a nice long 3 pages of terms and conditions ... stressful...
  9. hi Calgary ! well ive gotten prices from a couple of places and for only 3 hours, nothing comes without being under 2000$, that’s after converting it to cad, and having added the fee from the hotel for outside vendors... yes adventure photos is really pricy.. Im not quite sure how im going to get this one passed my future husband,… lol
  10. ok, i have decided to go with the silver package, and i added an hour more of cocktail party after the ceremony and after the restaurent ive gotten the private beach party and some lights., now, im looking at the photographs, some seem so amazing, but my man is going nuts with the prices, i have not seen anything that would come under 2000$(changing to canadian) and thats for 3hrs, and it would cost 1000$ cad to fly someone for 3 days, who could be there the whole day ! i think im going to try to bring someone things are moving along !!!!
  11. hi Alex, i would of done the free weeding, but we are not enough unfortunatly, people were not very fond of our plan.. we only have 7 rooms booked and needed 10 for the free weeding. so its extra cost for us...
  12. hello everyone ! i feel like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders, the priest has received our papers and all is in order for the religious wedding ! wow that was a lot of work ! ok, now, i have 2 options, the silver or the gold wedding, both will come out at about the same in the end, but they will be different with the gold most of the things will be included, and but we will have the wedding, the toast, and the restaurant for 4 hours, (adding the dj) to the mix. plus included in the package is spa time, vip status, rehearsal dinner. with the si
  13. YYC !!! wow !!! you must be so excited !! i cant wait to hear from your trip and wedding !
  14. ho boy, im feeling so nervous now after reading the bad review. im so sorry this went so badly for you Tara, here it is T - 65 days before the departure !!! i was going for the gold package and getting a DJ for the reception, but now i dont know if its worth it, im also trying to fill out the silver package and adding a private cocktail after the reception at the restaurent., this is getting really stressful now.. it was so far away and now its so close, anyone else getting married there soon or anyone else who didnt have such a bad experience? thanks Viviane
  15. yes i had thought about the dj, we are only about 17, so not close enough for the palapa, i could see having the dj at the restaurant, ! thanks for all the answers
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