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  1. Hi Ladies ......just wondering if anyone is experiencing a very slow response time from their WC in Miami? It's been 2 weeks and nothing ? I was working with Lynda for awhile then my last response came back from Andrea who said she would be taking over. Anyone experiencing anything like this ?
  2. A little late to chime in on this ......but the pink shoes are gorgeous with your dress
  3. My date is October 7th in Riviera Maya too !
  4. I agree about the blue pants and white shirt. I prefer tie #1 ....the shade of pink is what I like over #2. That's kinda the direction I want to go in but I have to present it to the FI. He needs to see it ....so when you have pics please post
  5. I just came across this ......I'm in Ottawa Our date is October 7th 2015
  6. The Suit colour is fantastic! My hubby to be will be wearing almost the exact thing.....great choice Out of curiosity what will the groomsmen wear? We haven't got that far but I have some ideas.
  7. Love your thread...Everything looks so fantastic! I find myself laughing out loud a lot when i read through because of how i can relate so much to some of it. The most recent comment about people's attire is one example....my sister and i had that very same conversation after her destination wedding! I'm going to for sure make mention of it on our website...great idea !
  8. @@TinkerSofi Yes that all makes sense ....I get where they are coming from. Did you get a choice in perks or do they just offer certain ones based on the number of rooms booked? My TA is yet to get back to me about it. Apparently it's her 1st Karisma wedding so she is still learning. Just have to be patient I guess. I know the Transat portion of the perks with the 11th passenger free ( i only have 1 ). The make up is super expensive at the resort so I would be curious to check out the stylino trio If the perk doesnt pan out. You could always contact them ahead of time and see how much time
  9. I'm waiting to hear back from my GI certified TA about the perks I'm eligible for. So far we are a small group of 17 with only 10 rooms booked . I hear the perks are based on the number of room you have booked. I hope I will at least get something. Have you found out anything regarding your perks yet? How /when will you know if the make up perk pans out?
  10. @@TinkerSofi - The tables look wonderful ! My cousin used those lanterns from ikea at her wedding and I have it as a momento. As for the flowers ...they also look great. I'm impressed with how real they look . I'm going to check out Michaels myself this week to see what they have. Seeing all your stuff makes me feel excited .....You should definitely start a planning thread
  11. @acw271011- I saw the styling trio website and it looks great. Mac are very nice products Are you paying a vendor fee to have them come to you or are you going to them ?
  12. @ Thanks for the tips. I'm picky about make up too so I considered doing my own or having my sister do it but then again I'm thinking it's my special day and I want to feel pampered So it might be worth the splurge to opt for the airbrush. Do you remember what brand of products they use ?
  13. @@TinkerSofi I fully agree about the prices ......it's just too much. I'm planning an at home reception 2 weeks after we return so I figure I will use real flowers then at a fraction of the cost. I like the idea of just buying the brides bouquets from Lomas and bringing the rest. I only have 3 bridesmaids so it won't be much to travel with. How are you planning to decorate for your ceremony? I'm guessing your are bringing most with you?
  14. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful ! Im so glad to hear how positive I've your experience was. I wanted to ask you about your Make up - would you reccommend the resort make up artists? Did you do a trial before ? I also wanted to ask if you got your flowers from Lomas ? Prices seem steep so I'm debating about bringing silk bouquets .
  15. I'm getting married October 7th 2015 at Azul fives and our guests ( small group of 17) are paying 1550 for double occupancy in the deluxe room for 7 nights. We are flying out of Toronto and Montreal. Hope this helps
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