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  1. Hi! For those of you wondering about asian makeup at the Spa, I suggest you getting a trial done to see how it goes, also have a backup plan for if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to. I got married in January and got a trial makeup done at the spa and it looked awful, they are not familiar with putting makeup on monolids, I ended up with one eye significantly larger than the other. So I ended up having to do my own makeup, luckily I found a good youtube video for that, I don't usually wear makeup so it took a lot of practice. They do a really good job on hair so no need to
  2. Your welcome! I never ate at the Asian restaurant besides going for the tapanayki, that room seats 14 people and they only do reservations at 5pm. All the other times are walk-in only. I had my private dinners at the Italian, French, and Mexican restaurant. I ordered my bags from Vistaprint.ca. I got the small bags and they were a really good size. A lot of my guests used them as beach bags so it was perfect. They came to be just over 5 CAD per bag. I ordered my wedding day schedules and made custom menu cards for the reception through Vistaprint as well. I filled the bags with l
  3. You have to make reservations for all your dinners (for large groups), I found that when we went to restaurants with more than 4 people they always had trouble seating us because they don't like moving two tables together... When I arrived at Finest I went to the concierge right away and asked to speak to their restaurants/food manager, his name is Javier. Depending on when your weddings are it may not be him anymore since their staff changes a lot. I had 4 large family dinners (about 26 people) during our stay a couple weeks ago and Javier was able to set up all my dinner resos. Ther
  4. I had my wedding at Finest on January 24th. I met with Viviana and Yanin, Vivana was training Yanin at the time so they were both present when I had my pre-wedding meeting as well as my actual wedding day. They were both very nice and helpful but one thing to point about about Yanin is that her english is not as good as Viviana's so you need to be very clear and get to the point when you talk to her. Don't get too stressed, everything will work out fine I still had a few things that needed to be sorted out before I arrived at the resort and we were able to get it all sorted out at the m
  5. When I got my trial hair and make-up done it took them about 2.5 hours. I am not sure if they can go to your room, although I don't see a reason to why they wouldn't be able to. Is anyone else having a tough time getting a response from Cecila from the In-house decor company? I asked her if she could send me pictures of table cloths 3 weeks ago and she hasn't responded.
  6. Is there an additional cost to Chevari Chairs and Tiffany Chairs? or do they come standard?
  7. Hi Ladies! For those of you who picked the Gold Package, did anyone chose to get the additional chair ribbons for the ceremony? if so, do you get to pick the color of the ribbons? Thanks
  8. Would anyone be able to tell me what currency is used at the resort and at the Cancun market? I heard somewhere that Mexico changed their laws last year and they no longer take USD and only accept Pesos..
  9. Sorry MissAmbeer26! I haven't been checking posts. We will be having the ceremony at the gazebo which I believe is just off of the beach, and the cocktail hour and reception at the Sky Bar (saw pictures of it and it is absolutely beautiful!) I and going there in June and will be meeting with Teresa, I want to see what the different options are for decor and costs. I would like to have a lot of flowers at the ceremony and reception table centerpieces. I also plan to get a trail hair and makeup done, I emailed One Spa to schedule a time but they have not responded yet.
  10. Can you please post the pictures that she sent you? I asked her for pictures as well but she hasn't responded.
  11. I am getting married next January! I have booked our resort stay but now I am trying to figure out how to get the room block. I contacted Teresa regarding room blocking as well as wedding ceremony and reception locations/photos but she has not responded yet. I am going to go check out the resort in person something this summer, and hopefully I can meet up with Teresa to get some colors and decor figured out. I plan to hire the photographer that is offered at Finest (Beach Wedding Studio) Has anyone been in contact with them? Do people normally give out OOT bags to guests for
  12. Hi Everyone! I just signed my contract as well, Is the group room block something that you contact the resort about or does the travel agent deal with that? Also, does anyone know where the ceremony locations are besides the beach?
  13. I just booked my wedding at Finest as well. In order to confirm your wedding date you do not need to put down a deposit, they want you to book your stay at the resort. I had been contacting Laura Jimenez and she sent me a form to fill out and you need to provide them with your resort booking confirmation number, expected number of guests, wedding package you want etc...
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