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  1. @@ErinSullivan I used Flores Riviera Maya. www.floresrivieramaya.com/eng/ They are very responsive and happened to have a fall sale. I got about 20% off bouquets and centerpieces so that saved quite a bit. @@Christinagiovanni beautiful video! I'll be happy if it is not sold out as they say but it would also suck if that's not really the case as they turned away guests that wanted to book
  2. @girlinthecity97 thanks for the reassurance! @@Christinagiovanni it's interesting you noted how the Hotel wasn't busy during August. I thought that wouldn't be a problem for us either since our wedding is in November but it turns out Generations and quite a few of the hotels in the area are sold out! So looks like we will have packed surroundings. I totally did not expect this but I'm ok with it. It caused a few problems for last minute guests who wanted to book and now have to stay at other hotels miles away. El Dorado, Azul, all sold out!
  3. @@rtscent @@girlinthecity97 thanks for the tip re spotify. That will probably work better, I'm sure I can find more of the obscure stuff on there. Unfortunately we don't really have any other viable options for an MC. We have less guests than expected and a lot of the guests on my side aren't the best public speakers or have really strong accents. There is no one else we feel comfortable asking. We will figure something out. I'm staying positive! I am a little nervous and excited but can't wait for the time to come. I'm kinda over planning at this point, lol. @@Christinagiovanni
  4. @@girlinthecity97 thanks for your feedback. Hope you are enjoying married life! The countdown is on for me as I have about 5 weeks left until the big day! The DJ friend we planned on hiring fell through also late in the game so we just hired Mega DJ. Good to hear he mixes well. Only thing is my family is from Haiti and I will need to find songs to play that will be available on iTunes, I guess that is the easiest thing to do. Just one question, our coordinator told us we need an MC because the DJ does not MC. The most capable person in our eyes is also a groomsmen. I was going to a
  5. @@rtscent thanks! FYI I just wanted to update everyone and provide a tip for planning purposes. If you are doing a room block with your Travel Agent make sure you have a realistic gauge of the number of guests and set aside enough rooms. Also keep your guests informed and make sure they understand that the deadlines to reserve are important! We blocked 6 rooms at a time expecting at least 5 or six reservations a month (we weren't really sure about the ultimate guest count and didn't want to come out of pocket a ton up front). Well, most of our guests waited until the week of deadline an
  6. @@rtscent Did you get a chance to go over to the El Dorado side? We have a majority of guests staying there and I was wondering if the beach there was a little bit better?
  7. @@rtscent Thanks for those tips! I can't believe she did that to your veil! I would be so upset. I ordered a Cathedral length veil that is also meant to be the stand out detail so I can only imagine. So far I have heard from a few other brides on here that the coordinator and staff need work. I am trying to not have to rely on Lomas for much of anything, given the reviews (and their prices). On the advice of a friend I appointed a point person in my family to make sure everything is going according to schedule and to bug the coordinator for me. Our wedding will be at 4pm and we
  8. @@rtscent Congrats to you and your new hubby!!! I am curious as to how everything went and was wondering when you have time, if you could give a review/pointers. Our wedding is not until November and the Bride's Dress rehearsal has been sold out so I am trying to get as much info as I can until we can have a site visit. Hope all is well!!
  9. @@girlinthecity97 do you have a direct email for vanessajaimes? I tried sending her a message via her online form almost two weeks ago and she hasn't gotten back to me.
  10. @@girlinthecity97 I would love to see pics of sky terrace if you have them. We booked the pier for the ceremony and sky deck for the cocktail/reception. Since we were expecting closer to 80 our WC convinced us to go this route as the deck is more spacious. I feel like I need a floor plan or something lol I'm having a hard time visualizing the terrace setup. She sent a couple of pics but I still find it hard to visualize. In some of the pics there looks to be a wall or structure in the middle, i'm assuming the one side you are talking about would be for the cocktail hour. I don't want the
  11. @@girlinthecity97 Vanessa definitely seems like a good option. We have 7 each in our wedding party and I want to get corsages for the moms. Soooo I can see the potential savings based on what you are saying lol. Your bouquet was absolutely gorgeous! I found this poster on etsy (etsy is everything). Each guest would sign a branch. I like this and the finger print ones. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/509610514060445330/ Congratulations again! I'm happy everything turned out nicely and I don't want to keep bugging you with questions. You have been very helpful :-)
  12. @girlinthecity ahhh! Seems like everything went overall, that's good news. * Our wedding is on a Saturday and we arrive Tuesday. I was definitely thinking this is enough lead time. Some of our immediate family members are arriving as early as Wednesday, which is crucial because I'll rely on them for help assembling the OOT bags (I plan to distribute them at the welcome cocktail hour Thursday night, and again at the rehearsal dinner Friday). I will try not to stress although I definitely anticipate being a nervous Nelly. But I'm grateful to have help a few days prior. A friend of mine
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