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    Hello, I just want to let you know that i wrote you a private message because i have questions about your wedding if you would like to help us Thank you very much Have a great day Karina
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Karina and i'm getting married at Now Jade on June 8th 2016. My first langage is french so maybe my english won't be perfect I'm looking for some past or future brides that i can talk to to have informations about their wedding. My wedding coordinator is Pamela and i'm trying to organize my wedding with her. For now, we have chosen the Eternity package but i would like to know if some of you had taken the Divine and if the video worth the cost ? Pamela, told me that it is impossible to change anything in the package. I've asked her if it is possible to pay an extra fee to have a pianist instead of a guitaris but she says it's impossible to change anything from the package. I would also like to know if it is possible for some of you to send me picture of your wedding bouquet ? I would like to have some blue flowers in my bouquet but there's none of it in the wedding guide. Maybe i'll bring my real touch bouquet from home. When you bring some decorations from home, did they charge you a lot of extra fees to setup them ? She want to charge me 40$ to setup the chair bows, 40$ to setup the aisle runner, 40$ to setup the backdrop for the ceremony, 40$ to setup centerpieces, 40$ to setup chairbows for the dinner, 40 $ to setup paper lanterns that i'll brinf from home... Is that what happened to someone else here ? Thank you in advance for all your tips and advices. Wainting to hear from you Have a great day Karina
  3. Hello to all past ans futur Beach Palace brides, We're looking to have our wedding at BP in June 2016. We will be a very small group (about 15-20 persons) and we would like to know if there is a minimum persons required to have a private dinner and a private reception at the sky terrace near the pool ? Does anyone knows the extra charge to have a private event at the sky terrace ? I've had a look to all of the weddings packages but as i understand they only include a dinner in an a la carte restaurant.