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  1. Hi! I actually went to Punta Cana in July to check out Paradisus Palma Real, Now Larimar and Iberostar Haceinda Dominicana. We had to pick a family friendly resort so we stayed away from any adults-only resorts although they seemed to be the nicest for destination weddings to be honest. Anyway, the Paradisus Palma Real just took our breath away once we walked in. It was absolutely beautiful. The pool was huge - never felt too crowded and had plenty of cool parts to lounge around in. The atmosphere was always great! We like dancing/music and entertainment and it was perfect for us. The beach is gorgeous and the Naos beach location is just perfect for a beach wedding in my opinion. We picked this location for our wedding on 8/19/16. The romance planner was SO patient and awesome about everything. the food tasting was fun - everything we tried was creative and tasted great, especially for an all inclusive. The restaurants were outright impressive and the rooms were awesome. Very clean, spacious and the Jacuzzi was big enough to fit two people which was so cool. You can walk to everything - nothing is too far. We loved everything about the place. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. In terms of price, we are going with the Tailor Made package which is the highest package, but it includes a private "Welcome BBQ" for all of your guests, so we wanted to provide that for them. It includes a lot of things - I can email a lot of the information rather than post it all here. just let me know your email address if you'd like more information. Happy planning!
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    How Did You Do It?

    @@MrandMrsBonitto2016 I'm sorry I got locked out of my flaca account lol so I couldn't respond!! I put down a $500 deposit now, 50% of the wedding package is due 6 months prior to the wedding date and the rest (including extras) are to be paid in full 45 days before your wedding date! Couldn't "mention" you in the post above! sorry!
  3. Hi! I actually booked Paradisus Palma Real for my 8/19/16 wedding. We are going to visit 3 resorts in July but we wanted to have one deposited on and reserved for sure way in advance so we picked Paradisus because it's our favorite from online pictures/reviews! Anyway, for the Fall in Love promotion/room blocks I got the same prices as you - since my wedding is in August though it's $200 per person based on double occupancy. I also think it can be found cheaper online and for our trip this year, my mom is coming with us and we had her sign up for Melia Rewards and she got a great deal on the room. Just something to look into!! Let me know as you plan It'll be nice to have someone to talk to about it!!
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    Now Larimar - 2015

    @@Montana - Thank you very much for the information. The wedding coordinator confirmed that the extra charge per guest for the buffet prices do include open bar for the reception. Thankfully! I hear ya on sending out a lot of invites. We initially wanted a destination wedding thinking that we would get a small group (we have HUGE families - our guest list is 425 people...) so far we're estimating that 160 will make it to the wedding! but even that is a little optimistic I think...
  5. Hi everyone, I am having such a hard time trying to estimate how much a wedding would cost me here. I like the elegant ivory collection ($3500) but I will have approximately 160 guests. So I know that the private reception and cocktail hour is "free" but I guess I have to add in the costs of the decor? Is that the round table "additional options" I see? So 20 tables at $300 is $6k. And I read somewhere that if you have guests above the 30, then it costs an extra $8 per chair? So for the ceremony do I need to add on an expense of $8 for the extra 130 people? I'm just so confused - has anyone developed a spreadsheet or something based on their guests above 30 people? I'm afraid that the costs will add up to more than I can afford. ANY input would be super helpful! Thanks!
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    Now Larimar - 2015

    Hi, I am trying to get more information for this resort... I'm probably going to have about 160 people attend so I'm a little nervous about pricing. Does anyone know if the open bar is included in the packages and/or the buffet menu cost?