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  1. Hi @@Bellefieldbride, try In Your Face Beauty Bar. www.inyourfacebeautybarjm.com
  2. Thanks @@beckys98. Are you doing semi-private? I think we went to Mare Nostrum the last time we were there and its not a very big place, it was small and intimate. So I see why they would do the private there. The salmon was divine!!! I don't think ill mind the semi-private, as along as we are sitting together and aren't interrupted.
  3. What have you guys chosen semi-private or private dinner? Which restaurant did you choose?There are 35 of us. On a lighter note. I just got my travelling cost cut by my hair and makeup team. They say they are doing a trial run with new lower travel prices. Yaay for me. Past brides can you tell me if you had any issues choosing the semi-private dinner, thanks.
  4. I'm getting married in July of this year at iberostar Suites. I booked In Your Face Beauty Bar for makeup and hair for me and my girls. I googled and found their website. didn't see a lot about them here. But they have reviews on their website and weddingwire. Im happy with my choice. Oh the website is www.inyourfacebeautyjm.com. That was one of the easier choices to make compared to all the other decisions. Cant wait for the sea, sun and sand and vows!!!
  5. I totally understand your plight Beckys98, when I first contacted them, I decided that I would do my hair at the spa and have In Your Face beauty Bar do my airbrushed makeup. I was comfortable with the cost for her alone. But my bridesmaids decided later that they wanted airbrush makeup and hair in their room too. So I booked them for both hair and makeup for all of us. My girls are covering the vendor fee for the hairstylist and I'm covering for the makeup artist. I love those girls. Its not a lot for them because its 4 of them, so they split it. But I really wanted the airbrush, so if the girls weren't getting anything done, I would just bring her in for my makeup only. . I had responded in another thread, telling you that you could hear what the wedding coordinator had to say about waiving the fee.
  6. For hair and makeup NikkiMarieo5, you can try In Your Face Beauty Bar. here is their website www.inyourfacebeautybarjm.com. Check them out. I think the Ipod idea is great, just give it to the DJ.
  7. yes they do both hair and makeup as well as airbrush makeup. I know the spa doesn't do airbrush makeup, so maybe you could have the same do your hair and you have In Your Face Beauty Bar do your makeup. It can get pretty humid outside, the airbrush is light and natural and will stay on all day. I like Stacey and Misha's work too. Good choice.
  8. Dwayne Watkins work is amaazzzzing, if you can afford it go ahead. But I have been looking at Dean Clarke's work and I love it. Thinking of going with him. I'm going with In Your Face Beauty Bar for makeup, I love their work and they have good reviews too. You can check them out here www.inyourfacebeautybarjm.com. and www.deanclarkeweddings.com. Good luck.
  9. that's true, that how I found In Your Face Beauty Bar for my makeup. They weren't mentioned here but I found them through google. All the best with the planning.
  10. I see what you are saying Mangojan, but I really don't want to comprise on quality because I didn't want to pay a travelling fee. I have to look at these pictures forever. I need the peace of mind that I got a great makeup artist or photog, etc. I don't just want any ole makeup artist. Its my big day. I need to feel special. I want everything else to be on point, why comprise on myself.
  11. I'm getting married at the Suites in July of this year. I went their last October, and absolutely loved it. I am in the process of hiring outside hair and makeup from In Your Face Beauty Bar. I love what I see on their website www.inyourfacebeautybarjm.com. I'm having a hard time deciding which photographer to choose though. I absolutely love Dean Clarke. My fiancé is hell bent on Dwayne Watkins, whose work is gorgeous. Who are you guys using?
  12. Has anyone used In Your Face Beauty Bar for their makeup? I looked at their website and was really impressed. They have reviews on their site too. I'm thinking about booking with them. The website is www.inyourfacebeautybarjm.com
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