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  1. Hi all!! Im ordering invitations from weddingpassports and curious where you bought envelopes from? Love love the invite but not liking the clear envelopes. Thanks!
  2. Help!! Im ordering from weddingpassports.com and love them!! My only issue is they only have clear envelopes. Can someone please tell me where they ordered envelopes from?? Thanks!!
  3. Hi all!! I just put a deposit down in November and got frustrated as David failed to mention another couple is getting married at the Gazebo the same time I booked Anywho!! Scouting out affordable wedding invitation sites and would LOVE to hear from all of you!! I love love love the passport invitation but hoping to keep cost down. Thanks so much!
  4. These are amazing!! Was just browsing for passport invitations. Curious, do they provide calligraphy on the envelopers or are you adding your own labels? Thanks so much!
  5. Just booked Dreams Riviera Cancun!
  6. HI all!! Getting so nervous as I've been super laid back about planning the whole thing. Looking to get married in November and have to book the date! IS anyone nervous about the weather in Nov?
  7. If so, what is your overall opinion on them? Any bad experiences? Do you feel they're better than the local travel agent? Thanks so much!
  8. Hi ladies!! Pinning away on Pinterest with welcome bags and noticed it can get costly, esp with canvas bags. Can you offer some insight as to what you're planning? The cheaper route being Oriental Trading or something like that, I'm assuming? Thanks! Cory
  9. Thank you so much! That's a great idea getting insurance and yes thinking of it now. Sandy hit New York and my fiancé was stuck in Mexico. Not a bad place to be stuck lol Heard the El dorado is heavenly! Have children coming so have to go with a kid friendly resort. Thanks again for your insight!
  10. Thank you so much for the info! Wow $200 Did you have to pay extra for the seaside grille? You must be so excited, wedding is around the corner! :-)
  11. Hi all!! Thinking of planning a November 2015 wedding and getting nervous for Hurricanes. Is anyone else planning for November or know of anyone that planned a November wedding in Mexico?? Thanks!
  12. Hi all!!! Recently got engaged this October and in the preliminary stages of planning the Wedding! I'm so excited for this site and thank you all for all of your insight I've reviewed thus far. We're 99.9% booking Dreams Riviera Cancun in November and would love to hear from you! Wish you all HAPPY PLANNING! Quick question - How many months before did you start dress shopping? Cory I just got even more excited for sparklers!! Thank you for posting that. Do they offer fireworks as well?
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