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  1. Yay planning thread! I have been looking forward to you starting one! Happy Anniversary! Burger and a movie sounds like most excellent plans! I think your engagement story is fantastic. So cute and spontaneous! Must be crazy though to think that yesterday was almost the day. I think its a really sweet that you'll get to do it in Newfie with the parents and grandparents. I'm picturing a cliff by the seaside for some reason! lol Can't wait to hear about all the rest!(And steal some ideas of course! )
  2. Everyone we sent a STD will for sure be getting an invitation! So no worries there! Is all the ones we didn't send it to who are in question now! lol...well not so much as of now...sigh Well ladies, our guest list grew by 30 people!! /faint We are now up to 80! Eeek! So I brought up to FI about not sending out an 'anti-invite' to the family we wouldn't be inviting and he did not like that. The way he knows his family he says they would be expecting an invite he rather just send an email to just get it over with. I suggested he talk to his mom about it, about how to deal with the famil
  3. Ah, you ladies are wonderful! Thank you for your different perspectives. You are very right that sending out an "anti-invite" might not be cool and create drama. I'll mention it to FI and see what he says. The problem is his extended family is pretty close, we are kinda on the fringes but the feeling I am getting is that they are all assuming they are coming. But maybe that is just my worry that they are thinking that. Maybe I will suggest FI talks to his mom and sister and get a feeling about it and maybe he can ask his mom to mention it to the Aunts and Uncles when she chats with them(not te
  4. /sigh, I wanted to elope in Hawaii. FI said no. Blah, I was afraid of that opinion. But better to hear and prepare for it now. This is why we were kinda hoping FI's mom would casually let people know it was going to be a small wedding, plant that seed early. Oh well, FI is ready to take this on so I will follow his lead. He also doesn't want to wait to tell people so there are no misconceptions, I would rather wait incase we win the lottery or something, but probably best not to wait on that lol.
  5. I know!! Me too! I will probably still toy with going offsite but ultimately stay on resort. lol, thankfully we haven't had any awkward encounters yet with people talking about coming to the wedding whom we don't plan to invite. I'll be sure to check you planning thread to see how the invite strategy goes!!
  6. Exactly! People don't realize that DW's still cost money if you plan on doing cocktail hour, reception etc. And if you do it on resort they charge for every little thing! I think that may be the most frustrating part, is that people aren't aware of the cost still. Oh man 100 people on the list already! My fingers are crossed for a low yes ratio then for you! My rule though has been, if you invite them, expect them to come. A few brides on here have been caught off guard expecting/hoping people will say no and then they end up coming. Which is why I don't want to invite the FI's extended
  7. Oooh! I've been curious about these as well! Look fun in the pictures and I'm sure our guests will be intrigued when I mention them!
  8. Oh ladies! I turn to you for your amazing advise and assurances(hopefully) and maybe some commiseration! Our wedding is going to be November 2016. We already had a guest list made and sent out STD's but there is trouble on the horizon possibly. FI has a large extended family, about 21 first cousins. We are paying for this wedding ourselves and part of the reason for a DW is to save money/get the most bang for our buck (I sold the FI on it by pointing out we could spend 13-15K on ONE day or on two weeks in the Caribbean). We want to get a house in the next two years so need to be caref
  9. Very happy you had a nice experience at David's! Honestly I has having a great time and my consultant was wonderful. It was the store manager who did all the pressuring when she kept stopping buy. The dress I ended up loving was one I saw on another bride which was just gorgeous and I asked to try on. I'm not anxious or ringing my hands that I didn't buy it so I think that's a good sign for me. Ohh the dress sounds lovely! You should post a picture!!!
  10. Congrats and welcome!! So nice to have the dress. Now the key I heard is stop looking to help stop any second guessing. But since you only tried on two I'm thinking you have that down pat! What kind of dress did you get? Our wedding is November 2016 and I ended up going dress shopping just to try on silhouettes and see what works for me cause Im usually not a dressy girl. Found a gorgeous dress that I love, it was a little over my price range though and the store manager, not my consultant who was very nice, was very PUSHY which I did not like. Telling me if I wake up tomorrow it could
  11. Richmond Hill here! One of my bridesmaids gave me a heads up on a groupon deal for the Toronto Bridal Show here. I wasn't initially thinking of going since we're having a destination wedding but it'll probably be my only legit chance to go and I'm sure it will be fun and the BM's can get to know each other........plus I hear there is lots of cake tasting!!
  12. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I just wish we were ready to book! Although after checking the NOW Larimar is not included. I guess they don't need any help getting more weddings in there! lol
  13. @@Meandhim Yay booking deadline!! Is it like a big sigh of relief or like a starter's pistol cause now you can actually order things and plan and have real tangible numbers to work with??!!! @@Kerrierf Urf! That is a frustrating situation. One of our guests can be like that as well. I wasn't worried about him during the wedding but just during the rest of the trip. lol. Its an all-inclusive so even if you don't have an open bar at the wedding site he will be able to find it close by. (unless you are doing it offsite?! ) So I agree with @@Meandhim, others will miss it and it might not help
  14. Not crazy at all! I have seen another bride do it at a different resort and she seemed quite happy with it. I attempted to price out the packages to see how much everything cost on its own compared to the package....I gave up though. Kinda a pain in the ass since not everything provided in the package is listed on the a la carte list. But maybe if you just price it out if you go a la carte and then compare it to the package? You don't want to be paying for a bunch of things you don't want in the package. I want to bring my own flowers so having them in the package is just taking up space
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