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  1. For the past brides, did you have to pay day passes on top of vendor fees for each person who comes? Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much @@TaraW and @@kimmyd2 I received your lists and sent them to Itzel, she said she sent them off to the musicians today! So hoping it will be okay!!! Big day is happening next week! Can't believe it!
  3. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had the song selections that we are offered for the live music at the ceremony. We chose the acoustic guitar, but my WC Itzel hasn't gotten back to me on it yet! And our day is quickly approaching next week! If anyone could msg it to me or email thom_jackiek@hotmail.com that would be appreciated! Also for the meal are children free? In other words, would they count towards the extra guest charge? We will be having 5 children! Thanks!!
  4. So cute! Did you guys end up giving each guest two maracas or one each?
  5. Hi! I'm a Manitoba bride too!!! Just about to put our down deposit for the Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya for January 2016! Will get to pick our date once we are booked with air canada! Interested in any suggestions for wording about the deadline for group rates for down deposits on the invitations! I was thinking of sending a save the date with simple details. Then send a letter along with it listing all the details. Guests will have 90 days to put down deposit, so need to send out the info ASAP!!! Getting nervous and excited! Any suggestions about what to tell guests?!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and my fiance and I have narrowed it down to the Barcelo Maya complex!!! However, I'm finding the most stressful thing right now is deciding which resort/complex to book into with guests. We are looking to have around 40 guests, and have been quoted with Air Canada for $2000 pp for 7 days/airfare/stay at the Palace in Jan 2016. We know its peak season so prices are expected to be higher than usual. The newly renovated Caribe section is $1700-$1800 pp with WestJet (not for the Club Premium options). $1700 for the Tropical. I just can't decide on which on to choose!!! I want the best for my guests, but of course, somewhat reasonable price. Are these reasonable quotes? So stressed!!! Need to select an actual site, before I get my wedding date set! Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
  7. Hi there! I am also new to this site and planning a wedding at Barcelo Palace! However, I can't seem to decide on what resort within the complex to stay at!!! Did you say you were staying at the Beach? I'm look at either the renovated Caribe suites or the Palace, or the Tropical... I'm getting stressed out by being so indecisive!
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