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  1. @ I have Zaray too! So far she has been great and got rave reviews from my coordinator through Latin Asia! When do you get to beach palace? We are there 12/7-12/13.
  2. My wedding is 12/12/15 and we are doing our ceremony at 4:30 pm. We wanted a 90 minute cocktail hour so pushed it back to that hour. Our reception is from 6:30-12AM.
  3. @@Danielle1 We upgraded our cake to 3 tiers to feed all our people and then added some red roses and ribbon for a total of like $300. I think $700 is waay too much!
  4. @@Danielle1 Yes, our ceremony is on the sky deck with the cocktails and reception on sky bar terrace! We are having 12 tables total (10 tables of 8 people and 2 tables of 6 people) and a sweetheart table which palace is providing. I am worried about the space but I have seen pictures where there are that many tables so I know it can be done. We didn't want the Palenque terrace because it has to be shut down by 10pm and we are planning to have our reception until 12AM! We are renting decor for the welcome party from Latin Asia - dark brown tables, bamboo chairs, burlap table runners, centerpieces with lanterns and flowers and twinkle lights with hanging stars to create a romantic, rustic atmosphere. It's not cheap but we really wanted it to look special and set the tone for the rest of the weekend! We are renting decor from Latin Asia for the ceremony and reception as well. I cannot wait for it all to get here and just pray the weather holds out for us!!!! It looks like it has been raining almost every day the last couple weeks.
  5. @@Danielle1 Yes we have a big group! We have 90 guests and 2 events (our rehearsal dinner is off-site) so ironing out all the details now. Will definitely do a review after we get back! My coordinator has told me 8 people at a table and no more so we have 11 tables. Will be odd with not filling 1-2 tables but I dont think we have a choice. Hope your planning is going well!!!
  6. Hello Beach Palace brides!!! My wedding is just around the corner on 12/12/15 and we are in the process of finalizing menus! So much left to do with so little time! Does anyone on this forum have recommendations on what to get or to avoid? We are thinking the Mexican buffet with some substitutions from the Carribean buffet for our welcome beach party and the Italian buffet with some substitutions from the International buffet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. @@stephygirl Sounds like sooooo much fun! I can't decide if I'm gonna get in the pool at the end. I have a feeling some will try to push me in lol @@Danielle1 it stays open until 2AM I think! (Can't 100% confirm that) We are having our reception until 12AM because we knew people would wanna keep the party going until AT LEAST then (some will likely go even later lol). I think only one side is open to the public so don't see why you couldn't jump over there when your reception is done!
  8. @@Danielle1 I'm actually planning on having 90-95 people and we are sticking with the sky bar south!! I have seen some pictures online and from my WC where there are 5-6 tables on each side with a light up dance floor in the middle and it doesn't look too cramped! I definitely do think that a party that large may fit better on the Palenque terrace but we love the space of the sky bar more and plan on partying until 12AM which can't happen on the Palenque terrace. I think you will be fine with your numbers!
  9. FYI ladies there is 40% OFF sale at WeddingChicks.com right now! ONLY LAST 24 HOURS! PROMO CODE: 24HOURS
  10. Hi @@CaroV! The pictures of the beach are beautiful - it's that turquoise blue carribbean sea! This is one of the reasons I chose the resort because I wanted a gorgeous beach for my guests if they were traveling all the way to Mexico! The issue with the beach is the privacy. I don't think it is that private but that may not be a deal breaker for you. I would look at the one of the recent videos posted on here in the last month or so (sorry I'm forgetting which bride it was) and check out her ceremony because it was on the beach. Personally, I think you can't go wrong with the beach or the terrace
  11. @@Danielle1 So I just asked my WC this and she said that for over 50 people there are different buffet menus available! She emailed them to me and there are just more food options that the regular buffets. Let me know if you want me to pass them along to you
  12. I'm getting married at Beach Palace and the sky wedding deck is on the top floor of the hotel and COMPLETELY PRIVATE!
  13. Hi @Danielle1 I originally expected approximately 70-80 and now we expect 100+ guests. When I talked with my WC she said that the terrace can fit 100 and even once they had 120 up there!!! Obviously I think 80 may be the comfortable max but I do think your numbers could work if you wanted it to. I am going to try to fit people up there because the terrace is one of the main reasons we chose Beach Palace. I plan to have a very short ceremony so hopefully people wont be too uncomfortable for long
  14. @@Wafflesmom and @ Good to know! I will on the lookout and will let you girls know if I see one! Hoping for Easter or Memorial Day
  15. Random question but does anyone know when Wedding Chicks normally has their sales? I really really love their custom tote bags for our welcome bags but dont want to spenmd $6.25 per bag. Thanks in advance!
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