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    February 20, 2016
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    Riu Palace Cabo
  1. samFEB2016

    Professional Photos

    EmWeddings Photography
  2. samFEB2016

    Cabo Photography

    I used Enrique as well emweddings.com my photos are AMAZING I am so happy with them
  3. samFEB2016

    Zika Virus

    My wedding is in Cabo in 2 weeks! I just had a pregnant friend cancel, now I have others freaking out. Also no reports in Cabo, or the entire Baja as far as I can tell. Just sucks when everyone starts texting you and freaking out - UGH!
  4. samFEB2016

    Sunset Cruise In Cabo

    @CaboBride6252016 I booked the through Amstar Mexico, we are using the Pez Gato. It seems like a bunch of different companies will give you different rates but they all use the same boats! I think I got 5 quotes from different companies, Amstar was the best!
  5. samFEB2016

    Riu Package Extras

    @@Ambie I think you need a seating chart if youre having a plated meal. If you have a buffet I don't see why they would need one. Im having 55 guests! And yes, we are doing our own center pieces. Hope they dont break in transit I have a square mirror for the bottom, a tall and short cylinder glass vase, I bought under water teal lights and rocks, then will fill with water and top it with a floating candle. Inspiration pic attached!
  6. samFEB2016

    Riu Package Extras

    @@Ambie they wouldn't switch me to Ana, but I'm ok with it. I think I have everything over planned and communicated to help avoid issues. I still don't have contact info for the DJ but i made him a schedule and playlist which i had her send to him, and she is letting me meet him in person at our meeting we have 2 days before. So I feel better! I am not doing the buffet, I have 3 options (which I put on my RSVPs before I knew there was a 2 options max). Luckily they let me do 3! So I sent her who ordered what and what table they will be at, not specifically where they're sitting at the table. I figure they'll walk over with the dish and the guest will say 'oh I ordered that' plus most people got beef.... the most expensive of course! lol Im going to print our convos and pricing stuff and bring it to avoid any complications too. Also if anyone needs and idea for place cards, these were pretty cheap and easy to make! I ordered the sand dollars off amazon and ribbon was form Michaels I am going to stick them in a shallow teal tray filled with sand (thanks pinterest)
  7. samFEB2016

    Review Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Wedding

    Hi @@Jan2015wedding! Who was your wedding coordinator? I have heard some horror stories form other brides with communication and lack of help on the wedding day and am getting nervous about it!
  8. samFEB2016

    Riu Package Extras

    Hi Guys! Its crunch time for me, Fed 20th EEK! Question, I have been hearing bad things about Guadalupe the WC. I originally had Ana, but was switched about 6 months ago. Does anyone else have an opinion on them? Although I haven't had anything specifically bad occur with Guadalupe, it does seem like she isnt too interested in making sure things run smoothly. I am asking her most of the questions, like do you need a seating chart with names of the people and what their dinner order is? She does, and she needs it ASAP! Well, good thing I asked! She wont give me any contact info for the $1050 DJ we set up. I also have specific info for him, that I just have to hope she gives him? Just hope they have the songs I want? Guess I wont know because I cant talk to him.... I asked again for that info we will see what happens. I want to ask to switch back to Ana to avoid any potential issues!!!
  9. @@Dportbride congrats! your wedding looked gorgeous! I am getting married there in Feb 2016. I was nervous about the 'only 2 entree' rule because i already gave 3 options before i saw that, hopefully they will make the exception for me as well! Would you be able to share the timeline you used at the reception? I kind of have no clue where to start with that. Also i heard bad reviews of the DJ, I was going to get one anyone because I really want the MC. Was the DJ the MC? Or did you hire someone else to come in and do that? Thank you so much for the info!!!!
  10. samFEB2016

    Sunset Cruise In Cabo

    Hi! I booked with Amstar for 55 people, very reasonable sunset 'booze cruise' I got many quotes, theirs was the best!
  11. samFEB2016

    Riu Palace - Baja Norte

    Hi! I see this is an old topic, but I don't see an answer to the open bar thing. Baja Norte location, do you need an open bar? Or is the pool bar close enough? Thanks!!!
  12. samFEB2016

    Riu Package Extras

    @@AmorDeMiVida Good idea! Yes we set Feb 20th 2016 at the Riu Palace. So exciting!! What about you??
  13. samFEB2016

    Riu Package Extras

    I am also confused about the bar fee! I read some older posts that said there is a bar very close to the receptions area (if you choose Baja Norte area, which seems most popular). And that they had their guests go to that bar. They gave them a nice tip to make sure they gave attention to their guests quickly. Anyone else hear about this?