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  1. Warning...please read!! We got married in April 2015 at Now Jade Riviera. Everything was fantastic and all our guests had a great time. In the last two weeks we started to get calls from our banks notifying us of suspicious activity on our debit cards Nd withdrawals and online purchases over $1000 of dollars in our credit cards. My parents as well who had used a couple different credit cards (to pay for the wedding down there) also had the same thing. This was strange since we all bank separately. At this point in two weeks it has been 6 different credit cards and 5 debit card accounts that had been blocked for suspicious activity and unauthorized withdrawals. We didn't suspect the resort at all until some of our friends and family brought it up that in the last week a total of 8 other couples have had the exact same thing happen. The banks have been great with notifying us right away and blocking out cards but not until a money had already been taken out. One of our bank cards that we never ever ever use at bank machines or to make purchases Was blocked and the only time we have ever used it was at the little atm outside of the gift shop at the resort. It is the only atm machine that the resort has. We have spoke with out banks and they have pretty much said that they are positive that our credit cards and bank debit cards were being skimmed from the machine at the resort. It is way to much of a coincidence to have that many people at the same time from different banks having their accounts compromised. We have reported it. So not bashing the resort but just a warning to bring cash... Do not use the bank machine at the resort and please let your guests know. And if you have recently been married there and you know you used the machines then call your banks and get your pin# changed.
  2. The buffet (carnival) is whatever you want except no cut off shirt for dinner. Capers dress code is no flip flops or sleeveless shirt but we went in with flip flops. Murcure is long pants and shoes for guys. Cincin is the same thing. And spice is no sleeveless shirts but you can wear shorts and flip flops as long as they are nice flip flops. And bathing suit cover up is okay at the buffet and you have to wear one walking around the resort.
  3. My wedding coordinator showed me the alternative location for the ceremony in case it rains. If you want to message me your email I can send you a photo. I don't know how to attach photos onto this group forum thing.
  4. Well the Buffet food is...buffet Food but we went to a few of the restaurants this week and the Asian restaurant spice is actually decent, the hibachi is pretty fun and the Italian restaurant is REALLY good. It's called capers. Mercure isn't the greatest. And we haven't been to the mexican or cin cin yet or had lunch at castaways yet. I really enjoy eating at restaurants outdoors especially when you are in such a beautiful climate and the restaurants outdoor eating is very limited. So I avoided eating there because I didn't want to sit in a dark Auper air conditioned room For a few hours. We are in the preferred side (DEFINITELY WORTH the upgrade) we got moved to the top floor with 3 balconies and it's about 1000+sq ft. It was a wedding gift from our parents. This made a huge difference as well having a beautiful ocean view overlooking the adult only pool. No the drinks aren't watered down but the premium alchohol is really only on the preferred side in the preferred lounge. The drinks definitely aren't very strong and the pool side service is a little lacking but if you don't have kids then take advantage of the adults only pool. We dream of using that pool lol.. and I know that people have mentioned it before on here but it's really important. around the pools is very very slippery. We have seen SO many people slip and fall, probably every 10 minutes, and a lot of people have gotten badly injured. Hopefully they do something about it one day here. And the beach has cleared up a bit Also I will add that my parents came a few days ago and absolutely love this resort. I would suggest only having the buffet for breakfast and lunch only and avoid going for dinner if possible. I was comparing it to a Different resort but now spending a week here there is no comparison, aside from the beach. Now jade is a really beautiful resort.
  5. I am not sure how to respond to something on here but to Nybride525, I am at now jade right now and I can take a pic of the laundry service sheet for you and email it to you. We are here for two weeks and I just finished washing a bunch of clothes In the bathtub. We have two kids and one of them in a toddler who goes through about 3 shirts a day. I just put some baby blankets in the laundry bag and contemplating whether to get them cleaned because it's kind of expensive. And not sure how old your kids are but they take our baby bottles everyday and clean them which is awesome! Email me at kylie537@@gmail.com if you would like me to send you a picture of the laundry sheet. I'll go take a picture of it right now. And any other brides that want to know something or want pictures of something then I have no problems going and taking photos or asking questions to the staff here. At first I wasnt a big fan of the resort but after being here for a week I am really starting to love it.
  6. I am not sure how long the construction will last. I will ask for you and let you know. I am sitting on my balcony and just took a picture of it. It looks like they are almost done. We are on preferred side, and there is the same construction at the other side as well but not close to the rooms. The preferred pool is amazing (adults only). If you want to sit at the other pool you need to get there at 7am and put down a towel and a peice of clothing or sunglasses or something to keep that spot. Otherwise gooooood luck. Check in for preferred only took about 20 mins. our guests don't arrive until next Wedneaday and they are staying on the other side so I will let you know how the check in goes for them. And as far as time share people, we saw a few at the airport and they didn't bother us and so far not one single person has brought up or came up to us about time shares here.
  7. i am still holding strong to my statement about the food. The breakfast and the lunch wasn't as terrible as the dinner. We did the mercury a la carte today and it wasn't too bad. Mainly just a warmer version of the buffet on a fancier plate. Even some guests at the pool said that its just the same stuff every night with different sauces which is totally true. We are hoping the wedding food will be better. There was a beach ceremony going on today and we hung out and watched it. It was nice, except all the drunk men in the preferred pool were so loud and obnoxious sitting there and not caring about the wedding and being so loud. I doubt the bride noticed but other guests kept telling them to be quite. The same wedding party was at Castaways for their reception. They were probably about 20 people and it was very lit up and bright in there. How castaways is laid out there is a middle section for the dance floor and then there is an area on either side. The one side it beautiful, it's right next to the ocean, but we are not allowed to have the reception on that side. It has to be on the left of the dance floor right where the bathrooms are. So literally you walk out of the bathroom and there is one of the tables. The resort at night is very beautiful and we had fun in the pool today. The ocean is definitely not swimmable, it would be way to dangerous. Maybe depends on what time of year you go but the red flags are up and nobody has been in the water, the waves are far to high. I actually don't think the seaweed is that terrible. I guess I just had higher standards after staying at Bahia Principe. But I would still throw out a review of my first over all impression. This is only day two, and know the wedding will be great regardless. Its just important to me that my guests love it and I am sure they all will. Sorry don't mean to be a drag. And in all fairness, we have kids so we don't get to enjoy the gorgeous adults only pool. My wedding coordinator Carla is very sweet and very nice. She is doing a great job.
  8. We just arrived at now jade this afternoon. Our wedding is on April 13th. We came to a wedding a few years ago in the mayan riviera at Bahia principe tulum in June and fell in love with the ocean and the beaches. And so we decided to get married here and picked now jade because it was supposed to be a bit on the higher end then Bahia principe. To be honest, first impression I was very disapointed. I know that it's only been one day but the buffet is so gross, and seriously I eat everything. We got to it right when it opened and EVERYTHING was cold. The meat station the juat leave a giant knife lying there and you have to cut your own meat..really! They had this pasta station with two types of noodles and two sauces..one red and one white. And they just out the noodles in a frying pan and poor the totally watered down sauce over top for a few mins and done. I am slightly embrassed for when all our guests to arrive and see what they are paying for. We are really hoping the a la carts have better food. And castaways is so run down looking during the day. The bar is blue tile and half of it like looks almost rusted with missing tiles everywhere and half the lights in cAstaways are missing their covers and just snow dusty old mismatched light bulbs. The service is lousy. We are in the preferred side which is supposed to be better then the rest...and I feel really sorry for those not staying in preferred. We requested a crib 4 times.....4. It was way past our cranky as hell sons bedtime by the time it arrived. The pillows are paper thin and rock hard. And their is construction at both pools all throughout the day. They are building a new bar at each one. And the worst part about the while thing is that the beach is unswimmable. Maybe it's the time of year but it's so windy they have the red flags up and they said its usually like this. The waves are so high and rough and the beach is covered in gross sea weed. The rooms are very pretty though. Our jacuzzi on our deck is so gross looking there's no way I am going in it. Urgh! Just frustrated and disapointed. Sorry for the rant, just really upset that we paid extra money to stay in a resort that is supposed to be so great and Bahia principe was a million times cleaner, nicer and the food at the buffet was fantastic and the beachea were pure white and with calm water. They put giant sand bags to slow down the waves so my kids could actually go in the water. Here it's so dangerous there is no way. Okay I am done conplaininf. Hopefully tomorrow is a much improved day.
  9. Can anyone suggest a good photographer outside of the resort that is reasonably priced. We are going to use the photographer that is included in our wedding package to photograph my son's 1st birthday, which is a few days after our wedding. That way he will have a little 1st birthday booklet of photos with him and friends and family. But now I need a wedding photographer, someone that can come while we are getting ready and stay during the cocktail hour and part of the reception. Thank You if someone has pictures from their wedding with the photographer can you a few to me at kylie537@@gmail.com Thank You
  10. Amarie 4713- Thanks, I was leaning more towards having the guitarist at the ceremony. I just wasn't sure if we would get the full 45mins worth. Does he play a wedding type song when everyone is walking down the aisles? I figured that there would be some sort of music playing for cocktail hour anyway at the mix bar. Tracyannhoward-were getting married on April 13th were there for a week ahead of everyone else though so we go from the 1st to the 15th. We have little kids so we wanted time to adjust to the heat and and nap schedules (upgraded to the ocean front preferred suite) since we know we will be spending more time in our room then we would like We have about 40 guests coming. And we're doing beach ceremony, mix bar cocktail hour and castaways. I am doing a straight up mexican decored/ style wedding. How many guests and which places did you pick? Amarie4713- at castaways I am assuming that we don't have to pay the extra for the dance floor or an extra bar? What was the lighting like, did you use extra lights anywhere? We will probably have the DJ from the resort but the dancing part is so important because we have kids at our wedding that can't go out to the discos or anything (I don't think) and we don't want to ditch them off. And thanks for the info on projector. I will have to look more into it;)
  11. Anyone else getting married in April 2015? Does anyone know if we can do a photo slideshow at Castaways. My mom would like me to have one but I would probably need a small projection screen of some sort. Anyone do one or know if we can? And I know this has been asked before but anyone have a photographer come in from outside the resort. If so then please send some recommendations and approximate cost. I feel like it was a waste to pick the divine package now that I don't care to much for the stuff listed. One more thing, thinking of having the guitarist play since its in the package. Anyone had the guitarist play at Ceremony or cocktail hour? Which would we better? HAvinh a DJ at the reception so I don't need the guitarist for that part. M Thanks:)
  12. We are getting married in April and we have started looking over the menu and planning extras etc... Can anyone recommend what hor d'eourves they selected from divine menu. What was good, what wasn't. We would prefer the buffet but we only have 40 guests coming. I also found it strange that the menu gives you 3 options but the one pick is the one every guest has to have for entree. It would be nice if the guests had a choice between two different entrees at least. Unless I'm understanding it wrong. Also sone ideas on signature drinks would be great:) We have two kids who will be 1 and 6 at the time of the wedding and my whole wedding party has kids ranging from 8 months to 6 yrs old. How was the pool area and beach areas for shade? Are their cabanas to use and how early do we need to get up to claim one. We're nervous about hearing reviews about the cups not being washed great and people getting Sick. Any advice for people that travelled with little kids to the resort? We went with the divine package but I don't like any of the flowers on the list. Did they charge you a crazy amount to customize flowers or is it worth going outside the resort. We want to have a mexican decor type,wedding so we were thinking of getting a bunch of Pom flowers and banners and decor while we were down there to incorporate in. Anyone had suggestions? We have 40 guests and are having our receptions at castaways. It's huge from what I have heard but divided into sections. We would like to keep all the tables in one section and then have dance floor and DJ in a different section. How many tables approx could fit In one of the sections? We need about 5 or 6 tables with 7 people approx. Sorry about all the random all over the place questions. Life's too busy to plan this wedding so I a, really hoping that I can get this thing all figured out in a day and then worry about the rest once I am there.
  13. We are getting married at Now Jade Riviera in April 2015. When we booked I didn't put my locations since I hadn't receive a lot of photos or max-min capacity of the reception locations. So Pilar went ahead and filled those spots in for me. After receiving the information we wanted the deck terrace but now it's all booked up and she has us at Castaways. We are a small group of around 35 people and I am worried castaways is going to be too big for such a small group. We want dancing and a dj, but don't want this big open empty spaces everywhere. She has given us the option of the pool side reception and sent us a few photos. We like the idea of the smaller more intimate space but after reading a bunch of posts here we are worried about how loud the beach will be, the bugs, how dark it gets and because it's so small I don't know where they are going to put the dance floor. We need help figuring out which area to have our reception. Who has done the poolside reception there and how was it? Who has had a reception at Castaways with a smaller group (35 people with a few kids) How did it work out, was the room really big and empty feeling? I need to get back to Pilar here very soon with my decision. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you.
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