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  1. @@MissFrench Thanks much. I may just order it. J
  2. @@tiffanyt The florist we're using is actually supplying our dance floor and the lights (so we can only pay 1 vendor fee). Her name is Donna Dally Floral Design PM if you want her contact info. I'll post tons of pictures when i have the ceremony. J
  3. Hi brides, I'm interested in buying a wally bag. Let me know if you're selling one. My wedding is in August so anyone selling before that would be terrific. Thanks, Joesie
  4. Hi everyone, I will be getting married on Aug 20 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I wanted to know if anyone was have a wedding in Aug and planning on leaving any of their wedding items. I'm willing to pay. Thanks J
  5. Hi Tiffany, I'm not sure about the flowers. I will be using an outside vendor my sister found. It ends up being cheaper than Tai Flora even with the Vendor fee. You should ask to see pictures of their bouquets. Please know if you are having your wedding inside the ballroom you will need to pay for a dancefloor and lighting as it is dark. Also, decorations will add up. We will end up bringing a lot of it ourselves.
  6. Do you know who you'll use for makeup. I'm still in the air about it. I don't think I want to use the Hotel.
  7. I am so glad this was created. I am getting married on 8/20/2016. I will be having a small group of 30 on the rooftop for the ceremony and in the ballroom for the reception (it's too hot to be outside in Aug). I wanted to know about the dj. I know this can make or break the atmosphere so if anyone has used the hotel dj please let me know. @@Kcusack89 Congrats how was your wedding?
  8. That's a great questions @@TiffnyT I'm going to ask my wedding coordinator to ask Julianne. I'm personally not feeling Julianne's attitude but I'll make the most of it. Will you be doing the chivary chairs from Hyatt or renting it elsewhere? I'm trying to decide what's cost effective since the vendor fee is $500.
  9. Any updates on the Appleton contact?
  10. This is a great idea. I will be at the Hyatt in Montego Bay Aug 20th. If any brides would like to donate anything or if anyone will need anything please let me know.
  11. Hi everyone, Happy New Year! We would really like to hire a reggae band to play at our reception. However, not everyone in our group is familiar with reggae music so we would prefer a band that could do reggae covers of popular songs. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi @@tiffanyt, first off congrats. Please let me know how you're wedding goes. I have booked the Hyatt for August. Any tips would be much appreciated. JJB
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