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  1. I was wondering if any if you have experience with the hotel charging guests who booked outside of your group additional fees for attending your private events? It seems rather ridiculous given the guest are staying at the hotel but decided to book their stay through another travel agent. How strict is the hotel on this policy and do they charge the individual guest or the bride/groom? Thank you!!
  2. @@tygrrlily ok great! I'll email Gerardo to see what we can work out. My wedding is June 7, 2015. I'm not sure what time sunset is there in June but I'm guessing a little later than 7p. idk... I just would hate for it to get dark while we are out there and not have additional lighting so I'll prob go with renting somet for bothe events. I'm working with Celeste at Zuniga. I'll def ask her Abt deals she can work out since we are using them for three events. Thank you!!!
  3. @@tygrrlily Your wedding looks wonderful! Glad you had a positive experience and congratulations!! I have few questions about the pre-wedding events. Who did you work with to get the deal for Coco Bongo? I'm hoping my friends and family can go and would like to work out a group rate if possible. I'm also having my welcome part at the Planeque terrace. The party starts at 7p. What is the lighting like out there? Is it necessary to rent additional lighting? Same question for the infinity terrace? Also I've looked through the Zuniga catalogue and I don't see the lighting stands. How much did those cost? And did Zuniga charge you a daily set up fee for all of your events? Thank you!!
  4. Hello everyone!! What are you all doing for flowers. I received the hotel flower brochure and it seems pricey. Is there another company to use in Mexico? Have any of you used or know someone who has used silk flowers? Thanks everyone!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I have a question about vendor fees. If I travel with a photographer and they book a room for the minimum 3 night requirement, will I still have to pay a vendor fee?
  6. Hi everyone I'm new to the thread! So glad I found you ladies... My wedding is planned June 7th, 2015! Now that I'm about 6 months out I figure it's time for me to start really planning :-). I see many of you referring to the Zuniga package for decor... Would any of you mind emailing that to me Sullivanwedding2015@@gmail.com. Thank you!